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Studying Cambridge Courses Besides Regular High School Curriculum

We’ve talked about Cambridge Courses before, and here at Spark, we value them greatly. We are not just an online high school. We are also a high school where teenagers come to strengthen their knowledge or learn something new besides studying their traditional curriculum. You can be a high school student at your local school and still be enrolled in Spark - thanks to our innovative digital learning platform. The benefits? Let’s explore them together!

The Power of the Cambridge Curriculum

High school education is a pivotal chapter in a student’s life, and we’re here to shed light on an exciting addition to the academic landscape: the Cambridge Curriculum


The curriculum dates back to the year 1858, and we talked about it before in our Blog post about how A-level Cambridge courses can enhance one’s University Admission Process. 


During the transformative years of adolescence, between 14 to 19, students are navigating a multitude of experiences and growth opportunities. 


🟡This phase isn’t just about textbooks and lectures. It’s about fostering critical thinking, holistic development, and preparing for the dynamic challenges of the future.


Thus, the Cambridge Curriculum comes in as a perfect solution for students and families who want more from the educational system. 


Not just an optional extra but a robust complementary program that enhances the educational journey for both students and their involved mentors


Understanding the Cambridge Curriculum

Ever wondered what makes the Cambridge Curriculum so special and widely recognised? Well, keep reading because we’re about to dig into its essence and explore how it transcends the traditional academic landscape.


So, what exactly is the Cambridge Curriculum? 

It’s not just another set of textbooks and lessons. It’s an educational plan designed to ignite the minds of students starting from the early ages of primary school up until high school graduation. 


Source: Cambridge International


Students who study the Cambridge Curriculum are easily recognisable –  they almost always crave more than the standard high school curriculum offers. 


Think of the Cambridge Curriculum as a personalised educational journey through the subjects you like or need for reaching your future goals – all tailored around your needs. 


Differentiating itself from the conventional high school curricula, the Cambridge approach isn’t solely focused on traditional learning methods. 


Instead, it focuses on emphasising critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills that stretch beyond memorisation. 


It’s about understanding the ‘why’ and ‘how’ rather than just the ‘what.’


Our student, Tashi D., explained this perfectly in one of our last blog posts about the Cambridge Curriculum.  


Bridge to an enhanced educational experience

Now, let’s talk about the components of the curriculum. The Cambridge Curriculum isn’t just about textbooks and exams (although those are an important part of the journey). 


First of all, it revolves around a holistic educational philosophy


It’s a seamless blend of rigorous academics, practical application, and fostering a genuine love for learning. 


Accompanied by the wellbeing program at Spark and the focus on future-readiness, students are bound to graduate high school as healthy, happy, independent young adults. 


At its core, this approach encourages students to explore, question, and dig deep into subjects, nurturing curiosity and a thirst for knowledge


In the eyes of parents seeking a comprehensive understanding, this curriculum isn’t a deviation from the traditional but a bridge to an enhanced educational experience. 


It’s about preparing students not just for exams but for life beyond the classroom.


Core Subjects in Regular High School vs. Cambridge Curriculum


Standard Core Subjects In the United States High School Curriculum

  • English Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Science
  • World Language
  • Additional subjects like Honor Courses or AP (Advanced Placement) courses are available in the US curriculum to those students who plan a successful University Admission process.

Here’s how the grades and levels of the Cambridge Curriculum translate to the US curriculum.


Standard Core Subjects In the European High School Curriculum

  • Local Language (First Language) 
  • English 
  • Mathematics
  • Physical Education
  • Geography
  • History

Although these are the most common and generally taught subjects in most European high schools, the curriculum can differ from country to country as there is no uniform educational policy.

Meaning each country is responsible for its education and curriculum. 


Standard Core Subjects In the Cambridge High School Curriculum

For Upper Secondary (Years 10-11) 

For Cambridge Advanced (Years 12-13) 

  • three or four main subjects 
  • Can be Science, Arts, Humanities, etc.


Course Levels in Cambridge Secondary School

Here is a breakdown of the Cambridge High School Curriculum based on Levels:


1: Cambridge Upper Secondary 

Picture this phase as a launchpad for ages 14 to 16, where the students are preparing for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) examination. 

There’s a diverse offering of over 70 subjects that students can choose from, including 30 languages!! 

Cambridge High Schools are proud to showcase their creativity by mixing and matching specific subjects, tailoring the education experience to meet each student’s individual needs. 


2: Cambridge Advanced

AS & A Levels, think of it as your passport to the academic wonders of the world. 

This globally acclaimed qualification opens doors to top-tier higher education institutions worldwide.

At this stage, you can pick your Subject Selection from a variety of over 55 Subjects

The journey from IGCSE to AS & A Levels within the Cambridge Curriculum isn’t just about textbooks and grades. 

It’s a magical process that shapes adaptable, resourceful, and globally-minded individuals, ready to conquer the challenges beyond the classroom.


The Role of Online Education in Cambridge Studies

Online education plays a pivotal role in Cambridge Studies by offering students flexibility and accessibility. 


At Spark, for example, digital resources like our digital learning platforms and online tutoring sessions empower students to access materials, collaborate, and engage with peers and educators globally. 


Beyond convenience, online learning fosters self-paced study, personalized approaches, and cultivates essential tech skills vital in today’s world. 


It’s not just about embracing technology; it’s about creating an inclusive, adaptable learning environment that transcends geographical boundaries.


Online High School Tutoring

Online tutoring is an essential asset in supporting Cambridge course studies, offering a lifeline when students need extra help. 


At Spark School, our online tutoring is tailored to each student’s needs, ensuring comprehensive support throughout their learning journey. 


One of the standout advantages is the flexibility it provides, allowing students to choose when what and how they learn – from anywhere in the world. 


This approach not only caters to international students but also aligns seamlessly with diverse learning styles and schedules. 


Ultimately, online tutoring at Spark High School isn’t just about accessibility. It’s about empowering students with a personalised, adaptable learning experience that complements their future career plans and their wellbeing. 


Advantages of Studying Cambridge Courses


Academic and Skill Development

When it comes to academic and skill development, Cambridge courses stand out as a beacon of excellence. 


These courses delve deep into subjects, offering an unparalleled level of academic knowledge. The emphasis on critical thinking, research, and analysis within the curriculum plays a pivotal role in shaping students into great analytical thinkers. 


Global Recognition and Educational Success

The global recognition of Cambridge qualifications is a game-changer. These credentials are not just certificates. They’re a passport to a world of opportunities. 


Universities and employers worldwide value and acknowledge the rigour and quality of Cambridge qualifications. They serve as a career starting point, preparing students for higher education and professional pathways. 


In essence, the advantages offered by studying the Cambridge curriculum extend beyond exams and certificates. 


They’re about fostering a deep understanding of subjects while honing critical skills that transcend traditional classroom boundaries, preparing students for a successful and impactful future no matter where they end up in the world.


To sum it all up

If you are looking for ways to improve your high school educational journey, we are here to help! 🖐️


At Spark, we foster a global academic community where students who are enrolled in Spark full-time or just taking certain subjects – can happily learn together. 


This mix of cultures provides students with a global perspective by the time they graduate, and the ones who are not fully enrolled can also get the taste of an international academic environment, teaching them more realistic international academic standards.


If we were to compare the Cambridge Curriculum with a Traditional High School Curriculum, we’d find that they both get the job done. 


It just depends on how much you want your educational experience tailored to your wants and needs and the quality & standards of education that you are looking for. 


What are my next Steps?

If students want a stellar career or want to enrol in a Prestigious University with ease, the Cambridge Curriculum might be a great place to start. 


1️⃣ If you are looking for tutoring to get into the Medicine University, Spark can help. 


2️⃣ If you want some extra help with your German Lessons, we have the perfect person to help you with that as well.


3️⃣ Or if you just want to learn something extra, by international standards, in a growing global community of students – you are in the right place. 


Now, all you have to do is think about how the Cambridge Curriculum could positively impact YOUR personal and professional future.


👉Need some guidance? We’re happy to jump on a call anytime to discuss your possible options with Spark!


👉Or you can check out our Course Catalogue and see if anything sparks your interest! ✨