The greatest educational platform for high schoolers

We aim to be the right online educational solution for everybody who needs to escape the limitations of the traditional system and build a place where students can learn what, when, where and how they like — an online high school experience like no other.


Our Educational Model Course Catalogue

Our Online High School Model

Our online learning platform is targeting students, parents and forward-thinking schools, offering them a modern (villain-free) alternative that gives them control over their learning process by leading a non-stop revolution against conventional education. A place where flexibility outshines rigidity.

Our platform enables a new way of teaching and learning.

Our online innovative approach gives a fresh and alternative take on education for young people aged between 13 and 19, their parents, teachers and schools — the Spark Generation.




• Education at your own pace

• International learning environment 

• Thrive academically and grow as a person

• Cambridge Accredited courses 

• Personalised Learning Paths 

• Unlimited Flexibility



• A safe place for families and students 

• Wellbeing Programs & Resources available for students, parents, and teachers

• Developing students as a whole 

• Restorative school & practices

• Student Safeguarding Policy

• Therapy Sessions & wellbeing support

Future Readiness


• Cultivate future-ready skills that will help you in life

• Gain experience and get involved in opportunities

• Exchange programs & internships 

• Coaching Sessions & Career Counselling

• Future Readiness Resources, workshops, support

• Support with University Admission


Who is the Spark Generation?

There is Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z, Gen Alpha and now… the Spark Generation — made of those families that need to escape the present and get into a future-ready education system instead. 

A generation of the authentic teenagers that follow their dreams of being professional athletes or untamed globetrotters.

A generation of the marvellous

The new generation of powerful teenagers, parents and teachers. 

What does it mean to choose a villain free alternative?

We’re talking tough villains: fear of failure, fixed curriculum, fixed schedule, perfectionism, bullying, routine, conformity, stress, labelling. It’s teengers against villains. It’s resilience vs. self-doubt. It’s progress vs. perfectionism. It’s motivation vs. frustration.

It’s about teenagers spotting and conquering whatever stands in their ways and embarking on an educational alternative free from villains.

It is a place of liberation from the limitations of the traditional system and a place where one can find its superpower. 

Get the best of all the worlds: learn WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and HOW you like

Amazing Content


• Gain access to hand-crafted online course content (55+ accredited courses)

• Our courses are created by recognised experts in various fields: from accredited online academic courses and assessments, to comprehensive wellbeing and future readiness programmes

Personalised Support

• Personalised support and services for students to access tailored educational journeys, balancing academic excellence, wellbeing, and future readiness

• Navigate a high school journey full of data-driven insights, empowering you to excel today and thrive tomorrow (vocational discovery, university choice, new career paths)

A place for all

• One platform for everyone: high schoolers, parents, teachers, school administrators, and other support providers

• Our online learning platform fosters collaboration and communication & enhances the educational experience for everyone involved.

• A place where all of you can get rid of the limitations of the traditional education system

Our Certified Superpowers

Cambridge International Accreditation

Spark Generation is a registered Cambridge International Online School

We teach the Cambridge Curriculum to students and offer online IGCSE & online A Levels via our Online Learning Platform.  

There are over 10,000 Cambridge Schools registered in over 160 countries worldwide, and Cambridge International Certificates are recognised by top Universities. 



Become a superpowerful high schooler

Student benefits

Flexibility without Limits



  • ✔️ Choose the subjects you want to learn based on your interests & dreams 
  • ✔️ Learn whenever you want or can – you’re the boss of your schedule 
  • ✔️ Learn from anywhere in the world – we’ll follow you around! 
  • ✔️ Personalised Educational Journey based on your individual learning styles and requirements 

Focus on Personal Development


  • ✔️ Wellbeing and Future Readiness Programs & Online Cambridge Courses at your fingertips 
  • ✔️ Coaching sessions with your Learning Journey Advisor 
  • ✔️ Dedicated 1:1 Tutoring Sessions with our Cambridge Expert Tutors 
  • ✔️ Peer-to-Peer Learning opportunities
  • ✔️ Preparation for University Admission


Personalised Experiences


  • ✔️ You can Enrol Full-time or take online Courses with or without tutor support based on your needs 
  • ✔️ If you’re an athlete, we’ve got the flexibility that you’re looking for 
  • ✔️ If you’re a homeschooled student, we’ve got that extra tutoring covered 
  • ✔️ If you’re a continuous learner, we’ve got a subscription you might like

Too many options and you don’t know what to go for? We’ve got you covered!

Why Choose Spark Generation as a Parent?

Parent benefits

Whether you’re a dedicated parent who wants their student-athlete to succeed or a busy businessman who wants to travel the world with their teenager, we’ve got many benefits for parents at Spark Generation:

Stability offered by a school that will follow your family around

Personalised learning paths for your child

Live access to your teenager’s attendances, grades, and educational progress

Access to a diverse curriculum

Direct Involvement in your child’s learning journey

online IGCSE and online A-Levels

Our Online International Curriculum

Our Online International Curriculum Program offers a complete core of online IGCSE, online AS, and online A-Level courses.

Spark Generation aims to create a World-class Next Generation Digital Learning Environment (NGDLE) that leverages modern technologies to connect teachers, students, and parents in a new, hybrid and integrated learning experience.

Our carefully selected teachers are specialised in leveraging blended learning experiences & our students can enjoy hand-crafted lessons, tailored to their abilities and learning styles.

We are flexible

Contact our Admissions team if you have a unique situation requiring a personalised learning package!

Why Choose Spark Generation as a School?

School benefits

For anyone who thinks of Spark Generation as just another online high school – you’re wrong! We’re much more than just a high school! 

We’re an online educational ecosystem that brings together schools from all over the world with one goal in mind: making quality education accessible worldwide.

Want to give your high school an upgrade?

Visit our For Schools dedicated program and enjoy FREE enrolment until the end of 2024!

Spark Generation For Teachers

Calling all dedicated teachers out there!

Looking to bring innovation into your classroom? Look no further! 

With Spark Generation, you can:

✔️ Offer personalised learning paths & extra learning materials to your students
✔️ Follow their academic progress and adapt your teaching methods to their specific needs
✔️ Automate repetitive tasks and streamline your processes with our AI teaching assistant and thus focus more on 1:1 teaching time with your students
✔️ Get Mental Health Support and Future Readiness resources for your students
✔️ Improve your Digital Literacy Skills

Want to bring Spark Generation into your school?

Our partners

We owe our success to the amazing support and collaboration of our valued partners

Frequently Asked Questions

The biggest educational platform for high schoolers.

For families and students, we are an online education provider that offers online high school experiences and British curriculum online courses with or without tutoring and other educational services.

For schools, we are an innovative online education provider, bringing our digital platform into their classrooms and thus enabling students, teachers, and schools to access quality education anywhere in the world. More about Spark Generation for Schools here.



The Spark Generation Online Learning Platform is our connecting hub at Spark Generation. 

In the MySpark Platform, students are enrolled whether they are completing their full online high school experience with us or just taking some online Cambridge courses. 

You can find all the available courses in the platform, as well as the assignments, attendances, grade reports, and feedback from your tutors. 

It’s a one-stop shop for everything you need as a student, teacher, or parent. As we mentioned, parents can also log into the platform and follow their children’s academic progress.

Teenagers aged 13-19 seeking a flexible, accredited online high school experience. For example, professional athletes, students needing extra support through tutor-led courses, homeschooling families looking for additional resources or accreditation, and learners interested in self-paced study on various subjects.

An Online high school is an innovative education system that offers high school courses through a digital platform, like Spark Generation, allowing students to learn and complete their high school education remotely. 

Spark Generation provides a flexible, accredited online high school experience, integrating the British curriculum tailored to individual student interests and goals.

  • At Spark Generation, Admissions are open year-round with a flexible process that includes initial assessments and family meetings to ensure personalised learning paths for each student.The steps are as follows:
    1. The family/student can get in touch with us by: 
    • Submitting a Contact form
    • Downloading the course catalogue 
    • Filling in the admissions form or the enrolment fee calculator.
    1. We contact the family and schedule a meeting with them.
    2. During the meeting we decide whether a language assessment is necessary and we schedule the CAT4 (Cognitive Assessments Test). 
    3. (Optional) A second meeting where we discuss the final arrangements, assessment results, start date, subjects etc.
    4. The family sends in the contract – filled out and signed.
    5. Our Financial team collects the Invoice.
    6. Welcome to Spark Generation! 🙂


    Check out our Admissions Page for more detailed information on the admission process.


Online high schools, like Spark Generation, offer greater flexibility and personalised learning experiences compared to traditional high schools that offer a one-size-fits-all type of education. 

Students can study from anywhere, at any time, and have access to a broader range of courses, both academic and non-academic. 

Online schooling throug Spark Generation provides a structured curriculum and accredited courses, delivered with the help of our online learning platform, often with the support of qualified tutors. 

Homeschooling is usually directed by parents or guardians, with more freedom in curriculum choice and pace. 

Spark Generation combines the structure and accreditation of online schooling with the personalisation and flexibility valued in homeschooling.

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Spark Generation’s tutors are internationally recognised experts and qualified educators in their respective fields. 

They provide personalised support, guidance, and feedback to students, ensuring a high-quality learning experience aligned with the standards of the British curriculum.

Classes at Spark Generation, online high school, are delivered online through our MySpark Learning Platform, combining interactive course materials, assignments, 1-1 live tutoring sessions, and personalised feedback. 

This approach ensures a comprehensive and engaging learning experience for students.

Online high school at Spark Generation offers flexible enrolment options, allowing students to start their courses at various times throughout the year. 

The cost of online schooling at Spark Generation varies depending on the selected courses and programs. For detailed pricing information, please visit our tuition and fees page or contact our admissions team.

Spark Generation offers a flexible, student-centered online learning experience with a British curriculum that adapts to each student’s interests and goals. Unlike traditional schools, our platform provides unlimited access to a wide range of online courses specially created for high schoolers, expert tutors, and a global community, all from the comfort of your home.

Besides that, another thing that makes us unique is our focus on holistic learning, thus offering Wellbeing & Future Readiness programs and working towards developing students as whole human beings. 

Building on the know-how and vast experience of Transylvania College, through our networks, we will provide content from the best international schools in the world.

Spark Generation offers an online innovative and flexible alternative for students aged 13 to 19.

The unique opportunity offered by SPARK enables the students to fully embrace the culture and ethos of a shared learning environment. Most online school platforms provide only academic opportunities, Spark Generation’s philosophy of a three-stranded education model (academics, leadership and wellbeing) will provide holistic development in a real sense. 



Online Cambridge IGCSE and Online Cambridge International AS and Online A-Level Curriculum are accepted by the world’s best universities across the world. Cambridge qualifications are accepted in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany and more.

Enrollment is open throughout the year, just get in contact with our admission team:

You are looking for a personalised educational program.

You are a professional sports player.

You want to learn at your own pace while being part of an international community.

You want to enrich your high school experience while being a part of the traditional school system.

You want to study at a top university, but do not have all the academic resources.

You want access to curated, adapted and accredited content from great international schools.

You want to attend an affordable educational program that otherwise you would not have access to due to your location, health conditions, or need to travel.

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