An Educational Model as Unique as Our Students

Our mission is to create a supportive and innovative learning environment for our students by following a progressive & upgraded 21st-century educational model.

While academic progress is significant for the future success of our students, we aim to develop them as whole human beings, with care and attention to their wellbeing and personal development.

Our Educational Model's Benefits

  • 1 Global Campus International, diverse student community 
  • 2 Personalised Tutoring Virtual 1:1 lessons with a real tutor 
  • 3 Cambridge Certification Globally recognised Cambridge Curriculum 
  • 4 University Prep Preparation for University Enrolment
  • 5 Flexible Learning Learn form where and when you want. Unlimited Flexibility 
  • 6 Global Access Accessible from anywhere in the world 
  • 7 Admission open all-year Enrol without a fix schedule 
  • 8 Self-Paced Learning Study at your own pace

an International Learning Environment

The Learning Environment at Spark Generation

Students enroled in Spark Generation are part of an International Learning Environment – a community of ambitious learners who do not accept limitations when it comes to achieving their dreams. 

All of our lessons are online, and students can connect with expert tutors and peers from all over the world. 

  1.  Spark Generation Online Learning platform to facilitate and streamline learning & teaching
  2. Learning Journey Advisors to guide students through the best fitting educational paths
  3. Personalised schedules & learning journeys based on every students’ goals and needs
  4. No regular day or schedule at Spark Generation

Flexible Schedule

Students experience a truly personalised education

At Spark Generation, there is no typical day in the life of our students. They…

  1. Wake up according to their own personal schedules 
  2. Choose when is the best time for them to study
  3. Choose where they are going to study from  
  4. Arrange their schedule & prioritise based on their goals and needs 
  5. Chat & meet with their peers and tutors whenever they want/need
  6. Dictate their educational journey ENTIRELY 

Beyond Boundaries

We are just there to offer them the support they need to thrive as students, and as human beings in life. 

Online ≠ lack of human interaction. 

Online at Spark Generation = unlimited flexibility & no boundaries. 

a level

Our Three Strands Educational Model

1. Academics

Our students can complete their Cambridge IGCSE and A Levels online, and earn qualifications and certificates that will open doors to future success – be that academically or in life. 

Besides that, our expert tutors come equipped with experience & professional backgrounds in education to deliver the best & most tailored academic experiences for our students. 

Our Three Strands Educational Model

2. Wellbeing

Our Wellbeing Program at Spark Generation is one of our main pillars of support in crafting educational experiences that also develop students as human beings. 

The fact that we value & consider our Students’ Wellbeing so important resides in how we perceive the role of today’s education in schools which goes far beyond having academic achievements.

And by wellbeing, we mean every effort, program, service, activity, etc. that has a positive impact on the mental & physical health of students – helping them develop healthy habits and positive mindsets by the time they graduate. 

  1. Meetings with Learning Journey Advisors 
  2. Access to psychological and coaching services
  3. Access to Wellbeing materials and tools
  4. Being part of a Restorative School & Community etc. 
cambridge courses

Our Three Strands Educational Model

3. Future Readiness

Students who are future-ready, can take on the world tomorrow! 

Besides Academics and Wellbeing, Future Readiness is the 3rd pillar and direction of focus when it comes to helping our students develop skills that they will really use in the future. 

  1. One size fits all curriculums are outdated and they are not beneficial for students who think outside the box or have bigger dreams that traditional education systems are not yet ready to support. That is where our Future Readiness comes in as a unique support for students to discover their true potential and act towards it.
  2. Our Future Readiness program at Spark Generation is designed to equip students with the Skills, Knowledge and Confidence needed to make informed decisions about their future careers and to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Our three-strand model


Spark Generation gives control to determine each student’s learning path – choosing how, what, when and where they study thanks to the active and passive learning models. Our students take charge of their education at their own pace while fostering an environment where they can thrive academically and creatively because the courses are created around how teenagers learn. 


Spark Generation is an innovative and flexible educational system offering the online Cambridge International Curriculum, adapted to children’s needs regarding body, mind, heart, and spiritual wellbeing. We are a transformative educational solution for everybody who needs to escape the limitations of the traditional system. A digital learning platform enabling a new way of teaching and learning.

Future Readiness

We cultivate the potential within every student and help them achieve it. Young learners will be prepared to become lifelong learners and have a foundation toolkit with essential skills to welcome their bright future. Combined with Academic and Wellbeing support, students at Spark Generation receive a well rounded education that will provide them with more than just grades. 


Spark Generation is a registered Cambridge International Online School.  

We teach the Cambridge Curriculum to students and offer online IGCSE & A Levels via our Online Learning Platform.  

There are over 10,000 Cambridge Schools registered in over 160 countries worldwide, and Cambridge International Certificates are recognised by top Universities. 


Admissions are open all year long at Spark Generation!

The wait time is over! Whether you want to enrol: as a full-time online high school student, take a Cambridge online course with a tutor, or subscribe to our unlimited learning subscription. You can do it ANYTIME at Spark Generation. 

Our Admissions Process was carefully designed to go through all the phases that are needed until we feel like we’ve got a clear grasp on the student & family’s needs & goals to best match their educational needs to a personalised educational experience. 

Curious about how you can enrol in Spark Generation? 

FAQ Educational Model at Spark Generation

Here, you’ll find answers to commonly asked questions about our innovative approach to learning. Whether you’re curious about how our flexible schedules work, the support available from our international tutors, or how we tailor the educational experience to fit each student’s needs, you’re in the right place. Discover how Spark Generation empowers students to take control of their learning journey.

Spark Generation offers a progressive and 21st-century oriented educational model that focuses not only on academic excellence but also on the wellbeing and future readiness of students. 

Our learning environment is supported by the Cambridge International Curriculum, providing a globally recognised standard of education accessible from anywhere in the world.

Unlike traditional schools where learning follows a strict timetable within a physical classroom, Spark Generation offers a flexible online learning environment

This means students can manage their learning schedules to fit personal preferences and time zones, while still engaging with a rigorous and globally recognised Cambridge curriculum.

By being a Cambridge International School, Spark Generation delivers a curriculum known for its rigour and global recognition. Students can complete their IGCSE and A Levels online, earning qualifications that open doors to future academic and life success.

Yes, at Spark Generation, students enjoy unlimited flexibility. They can wake up according to their personal schedules, study at their own pace, and prioritise their learning based on individual goals and needs.

For example, if you are an athlete, you can better manage your time and choose when it’s more important for you to practise or go to competitions, and when it’s time to study. Or, if you are a travelling family and you lead a unique lifestyle filled with exploration, cultural immersion, and constant movement. 

Spark Generation does not use the traditional classroom setting. We developed our own Online Learning Platform where students can study, parents can follow their child’s progress, and teachers can offer personalised feedback and lessons all in one place. 

A student enroled at Spark Generation will have 1:1 online tutoring sessions with their tutor, and they will also have opportunities to participate in peer to peer learning sessions, assemblies, or group activities. Learning at Spark Generation is mostly self-paced so each student can follow their own path and progress in their own ways. 

We place a high priority on the mental and physical health of our students. Our Wellbeing Program includes meetings with Learning Journey Advisors, access to psychological and coaching services, and access to wellbeing materials and tools, all aimed at developing healthy habits and positive mindsets in students.

Future Readiness at Spark Generation prepares students with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to make informed decisions about their careers and thrive in a rapidly changing world. 

Our curriculum is designed to go beyond traditional education, ensuring students are ready for the future’s challenges.

Despite being an online educational platform, Spark Generation offers numerous socialising opportunities for students who are enrolled full-time, in our online high school, including Google chatspaces assemblies, peer-to-peer learning opportunities, and student-led clubs. We encourage students to take the initiative in forming connections with peers, fostering a global network of friendships.

Students at Spark Generation can complete their IGCSE and A Levels online, or enrol in individual courses with tutoring support to earn Cambridge International Certificates recognised by top universities worldwide.

Spark Generation does not assess students for the International Cambridge Certificates. Students complete their education at Spark Generation and then register for the Cambridge Exams as external candidates. 

As for internal assessments, we use our Online Learning platform to grade assessments, give feedback and communicate with the students over the assignments. 

Our school is accessible to students from anywhere in the world, offering a truly international learning environment. 

Our flexible scheduling and online platform allow students from different time zones to participate fully in their education.

Spark Generation is accredited by Cambridge International, ensuring that our curriculum and teaching practices are of the highest international standards. This accreditation provides peace of mind to students and parents alike, knowing that the education received is globally recognised and respected.