Educational Model

Our mission is to create a supportive and innovative environment for our students by following a progressive 21st-century educational model.

While academic progress is significant for future success, we aim to develop students as a whole. Spark School builds on the experience of Transylvania College, one of the few British Schools Overseas (BSO) and Cambridge International accredited schools.

Our three-strand model


Spark Hybrid High School gives control to determine each student’s learning path – choosing how, what, when and where they study thanks to the active and passive learning models. Our students take charge of their education at their own pace while fostering an environment where they can thrive academically and creatively because the courses are created around how teenagers learn. 


Our program develops programs adapted to children’s needs regarding body, mind, heart, and spiritual wellbeing. We are a transformative high school where families are encouraged to share contributions, mutual respect and work together to help teenagers be emotionally well. 

Future Readiness

We cultivate the potential within every student and help them achieve it. Young learners will be prepared to become lifelong learners and have a foundation toolkit with essential skills to welcome their bright future.