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Extra Educational Services

Extra 1-on-1 Tutoring Hours


per hour


Personalised 1-on-1 tutoring hours to be used across any subject areas where students need extra help:

  • mastering complex concepts
  • preparing for exams
  • enhancing study skills
  • or learning a foreign language (lower than B2 level)

Our expert tutors are here to provide the guidance and support students need to succeed.

Work Experience / Virtual Internship


per Program

  • Orientation workshop / Briefing workshop
  • Internship matching with a global network of international organizations
  • Arrangements of the necessary meetings with the organization (e.g. introduction, interviews, and final presentation)
  • 10-hour online preparatory learning courses
  • Full support before and during the internship period
  • E-certificate upon completion of 4-week program


University Admission Counselling


per Program

  • Personalised assistance with application processes
  • Essay writing
  • Interview preparation
  • Selecting the right university

University admissions support is your essential partner in securing your dream college acceptance, helping you stand out as a top candidate globally.


Future Readiness Programs & Services


per Program

  • University Counselling (3 1:1 sessions included in Full-time contract). University counselling is the key to unlocking a successful future in higher education. Our expert counsellors provide personalised guidance to help you find the perfect university fit and navigate your journey with confidence.
  • Purpose-driven Career Counselling (3 1:1 sessions included in Full-time contract): Embark on a personalised journey to career success with our comprehensive career counselling services. Explore diverse industries, receive tailored guidance, and unlock your full potential with expert support every step of the way.
  • Leadership Coaching (9 Group sessions included in Full-time contract). Receive personalised guidance, develop essential leadership skills, and step confidently into your role as a dynamic leader.
  • Purpose Driven Coaching (3 1:1 sessions included in Full-time contract). Discover your true calling with our purpose-driven coaching program. Receive personalized guidance, uncover your passions, and align your goals with your unique purpose in life.
  • Portfolio Building Guidance (3 sessions included in Full-time contract). Receive personalised support to showcase your achievements and skills effectively, empowering you to stand out to colleges and future employers.

Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4)


per test

  • Identifies Learning Styles: Understand whether your child is a verbal, quantitative, non-verbal, or spatial learner, helping tailor their educational experiences.
  • Highlights Strengths & Weaknesses: Pinpoint your child’s areas of strength and where they may need additional support, allowing for focused improvement.
  • Informs Educational Strategies: Use insights from the Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4) to select courses and plan study strategies that align with your child’s cognitive profile.
  • Supports Personalised Learning: Ensure your child’s education path is as unique as they are, maximising their engagement and potential.

This comprehensive assessment tool evaluates essential learning abilities and offers an accurate assessment of their achievement potential.


Unlock Your Child’s True Potential and Guide Their Learning Journey with the Cognitive Abilities Test!

New Group Reading Test (NGRT)


per test

  • Comprehensive Reading Assessment: evaluating decoding, comprehension, and fluency to offer a complete picture of your child’s reading skills.
  • Identifies Specific Needs: pinpoints precise areas for improvement and strengths, enabling targeted interventions and support.
  • Tracks Progress: use New Group Reading Test (NGRT) to measure improvements over time, reinforcing the effectiveness of reading strategies and interventions.
  • Boosts Confidence: as your child sees their reading skills improve, their confidence and enjoyment of learning will grow.

Reading is the foundation of all learning. The NGRT Test provides a detailed understanding of your child’s reading abilities, from decoding and comprehension to fluency.

Transform Your Child’s Reading Journey with Precise Assessment and Insight

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Your key to high school academic success

Want to get a good start to your online educational experience? 

Try these initiative assessments to test your levels and discover your preferred learning methods, strengths, and weaknesses.


Assessments for a more personalised learning experience

Why Cognitive Abilities Test?

Discover how this assessment unveils your teenager’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses, shaping a tailored educational journey. Whether you’re a parent or educator, CAT4 equips you with insights to nurture their growth effectively.

At Spark Generation, we value personalised learning journeys.

What type of learner are you?

To better understand your child’s learning strengths and needs, you can use the Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4). Our article guides you through interpreting CAT4 results, which reveal your child’s preferred learning modalities—verbal, non-verbal, quantitative, or spatial reasoning. It provides actionable insights for enhancing your child’s education by suggesting suitable subjects and potential career paths aligned with their cognitive strengths.

During your online high school educational journey

During high school

Already learning with Spark Generation, but would like to enhance your online learning journey? You are learning in another high school, and you need extra support to enhance your learning journey? 

See if any of these might Spark your interest:



At Spark Generation, we value personalised learning journeys.

1-on-1 Tutoring Hours


Students can purchase a package of personalised 1-on-1 tutoring hours to be used across any subject areas where they need extra help.

Whether it’s:

  • mastering complex concepts
  • preparing for exams
  • or enhancing study skills

our expert tutors are here to provide the guidance and support students need to succeed.


Cambridge High School


In numbers, so far

  • 344 students currently enrolled with Tutor support
  • 60 Expert Tutors to guide students in their learning journeys
  • 55+ online Academic, Wellbeing & Future Readiness courses
  • 2272 Total Online 1:1 Tutorial Attendances
  • 17,137 Total Assignments Given so far in our platform

Focus on your next steps and future ambitions

Getting ready to finish your high school educational journey

If you’re entering the last year of your online learning journey or approaching your next educational chapter, you might benefit from some of these services, planning ahead for the next step of your educational journey. 

These add-ons aim to demystify the admissions landscape, providing students with the insights and support needed to secure their place at their desired institutions – anywhere in the world.




FAQ Extra Educational Services at Spark Generation

Discover answers to common questions about Spark Generation’s Extra Educational Services.

They are a suite of services designed to complement and enhance your child’s online learning journey. These include wellbeing and future readiness programs, online university admission support, and online personalised tutoring hours.

Yes, they’re designed to integrate seamlessly with any current online learning package, offering targeted support wherever you are in your educational journey.

Simply click the “I want to add this service to my Learning Package” button under the desired service or contact our support team for assistance.

Absolutely! These programs are crafted to benefit all students, focusing on essential skills and wellbeing strategies that support academic success and personal growth.

It provides personalised assistance with the university application process, including essay writing, interview preparation, and university selection, tailored to help students gain admission to their desired institutions.

Tutoring hours are priced at €50/hour. Scheduling is flexible and can be arranged directly with your tutor based on your needs and availability.

Yes, you have the flexibility to allocate tutoring hours across any subjects where you need additional support or wish to deepen your understanding.

These assessments provide insights into your child’s learning styles, strengths, and areas for improvement, guiding the customisation of their learning experience for optimal academic growth.

No fixed deadline exists, but we recommend adding services at the beginning of your academic term to fully benefit from the support they offer throughout your teenager’s online learning journey.

For more detailed information or specific queries, please contact our Admissions team directly.