Online IGCSE & A Level Courses With Tutor

Online IGCSE & A Level Courses at Spark Generation feature personalised 1:1 tutoring support across a diverse portfolio of over 55 subjects including Physics, Biology, English, Spanish, German, Maths, Business Studies and many more.

Our platform excels in providing a comprehensive suite of academic, wellbeing, and future readiness courses tailored for online learning.



For all ambitious high schoolers

Online Cambridge Academic Courses

Our variety of IGCSE,  AS and A Level Cambridge courses is a great learning library for ambitious students who want to study:

  1. Unique subjects that are not offered in their local schools 
  2. Subjects to help them with their university enrollment process
  3. A new language and earn a certificate 
  4. Extra, as an add-on to what they study in school 
  5. A subject as an add-on to their homeschooling curriculum 


In numbers, so far

  • 344 students currently enrolled with Tutor support
  • 60 Expert Tutors to guide students in their learning journeys
  • 55+ online Academic, Wellbeing & Future Readiness courses
  • 2272 Total Online 1:1 Tutorial Attendances
  • 17,137 Total Assignments Given so far in our platform


Online course with 1:1 tutoring


 See what makes Spark Generation a transformative online schooling experience

testimonial parents spark generation


Our Son’s Flourishing Journey with Spark Generation.

“Our son flourished in many aspects and we, as parents, are very happy with his progress and with the space he has for cultivating his own interests.

For instance, being in a British school, he has had access to the British Mathematics Olympiad (BMO). His results at all stages of BMO have been top-class.

In his journey to performance, our son has been greatly supported by the Spark Generation team with many things that were beyond our reach, with a special mention to Miss Iulia, the Director of Curriculum & Learning and mathematics tutor, who put a lot of effort into this.

Our child’s well-being also owes to the fact that he could do all these from the comfort of the environment he grew up, in the middle of mountains, forests and wilderness.

After the Spark experience, we cannot even contemplate the possibility of another type of educational environment for our child.


Razvan D. - Parent at Spark Generation


My name is Valeria, I’m 16 years old and I’m from Ukraine. I’m studying at Spark for the first year, in 10th grade. In this short time, I have learned a lot thanks to Spark, and it’s not just about academic success…

The teachers are very kind, polite and do not put pressure on the students…I also study at a Ukrainian school online, as well as at Spark as a full-time student, and despite this I have enough free time.

Spark takes care of our mental health, making it clear that it is no less important than academic success. I am very grateful to Spark for the opportunity to study at this school.


Valeriia - Spark Generation student

Our Expert Tutors

The Tutors at Spark Generation are carefully selected from a network of educational experts

We have international tutors with exceptional experience in their academic subjects who are guiding our high school students towards academic success and beyond. 

Currently, Spark Generation has 60 experienced tutors certified in online academic subjects, and we are continuously growing our team of experts. 

Tutors at Spark meet in 1:1 live online tutoring sessions with students to offer a personalised learning experience that is superior to online classes where the teacher handles more students at once. 

As opposed to traditional learning, tutors are not here to teach you the lessons as one would do in a traditional classroom.

Instead, learning at Spark Generation relies heavily on self-learning, and meeting with our expert tutors is for discussing the course subject, challenging the student in areas where they seem to need help, giving out or discussing assignments, etc. 


For all ambitious high schoolers

Earning a Cambridge International Certificate

Students who successfully complete an IGCSE or A Level subject at Spark Generation can earn a recognised international certificate. 

Students will register for a Cambridge International Assessment at a Registered Exam Centre near them (Spark Generation can help with finding a Registered exam centre near you) and handle the registration and exam-taking process.

Spark Generation offers support to students who show interest in taking a Cambridge International Assessment. We notify students of exam dates and registered exam centres near them. 

Please contact us if you need additional information or assistance with this topic. 



FAQ Cambridge IGCSE & A Level Courses with Tutor at Spark Generation

Discover answers to common questions about our internationally recognised curriculum, personalised tutoring approach, and how we support high school students in achieving academic excellence and personal growth.

It includes access to our diverse range of Online Cambridge Academic courses, 1:1 tutoring support, assignments and feedback, and the opportunity to earn a Cambridge International Certificate.

Each student is paired with an expert tutor for personalised learning. The program includes 24 live online tutoring sessions, half of which are exclusively one-on-one, while the other half may include another student for peer learning.


Online learning with a tutor at Spark Generation offers personalised attention and tailored instruction, which can lead to more effective learning outcomes compared to traditional classrooms. 

The 1:1 sessions ensure students receive support directly aligned with their learning pace and style, unlike the one-size-fits-all approach often found in traditional settings.


There are no specific enrolment criteria, but students should have a keen interest in the subject and a willingness to engage in self-directed learning alongside tutoring support.


Yes, students worldwide can enrol in our online courses, provided they have internet access and meet the age requirements (13-19) for our programs.


Yes, successfully completing an IGCSE or A Level subject allows students to earn a recognised Cambridge International Certificate if they register for an exam. 

Please note that we are not a registered Cambridge International exam centre, so the students will have to find an exam centre and register as external candidates.


Currently, we do not offer direct financial aid or scholarships. However, we run scholarship campaigns every year, looking to find ambitious students with big dreams.

We encourage students to follow our social media pages to be in touch with our campaigns and be the first ones to find out about any available scholarships.


Spark Generation assists students in finding registered exam centres near them. We provide information on exam dates and locations, helping students begin their registration process.

However, the process itself: paying the registration fees, showing up and taking the exam, and getting the results – will all be handled by the family & students themselves. 


Students need a reliable internet connection, a computer or tablet capable of running our online learning platform, and a quiet space for attending tutoring sessions. Specific software or tools required for certain courses will be provided upon enrollment.


At Spark Generation, we prioritise online safety and privacy by using secure platforms for all our tutoring sessions. Our tutors are also thoroughly vetted, and sessions are monitored for quality and safety. Additionally, we comply with all relevant data protection regulations to ensure student information is kept confidential.

Yes, students have opportunities for peer interaction through collaborative learning sessions, forums, and group activities on our platform. These interactions are designed to enrich the learning experience and build a sense of community among online learners.


Our tutors and support staff provide continuous encouragement and structured guidance to help students stay motivated. 

Additionally, our learning platform includes features designed to keep students engaged and on track, such as progress trackers and interactive content.


Absolutely! We encourage parent involvement and provide regular updates on student progress. 

Parents can communicate with tutors and access the learning platform to monitor academic performance and attendance.


Student progress is assessed through assignments, projects, and tutor feedback. We also prepare students for Cambridge International Assessments, which offer an external measure of their achievements.


Yes, we strive to accommodate students with special educational needs by providing tailored support and adapting learning materials and strategies to meet their needs.


Spark Generation offers a unique blend of personalised 1:1 tutoring, flexibility, and a comprehensive curriculum accredited by Cambridge International. 

This combination supports not just academic excellence but also well-being and future-readiness, distinguishing our approach from traditional and other online education options.


If for any reason, students realise that the learning package they signed up for is not the right option for them, we encourage you to email us as soon as possible to and one of our team members will get in touch with you with the next steps.