The Global Education Experience

Spark Generation is dedicated to promoting global and cultural education. The Global Education experience in Spark Generation goes beyond the classroom, across international borders, into real life. Students are in charge of running their projects in the communities they belong to and share their work with their classmates. 

A villain-free alternative in the Cambridge International system. 

Spark Generation is an innovative and flexible educational system offering the Cambridge International Curriculum. A digital learning platform enabling a new way of teaching and learning. We blend academic learning with wellbeing and future readiness to equip the next generation for the world. 


What is Future Readiness?

Our vision is to provide a healthy environment for our students to become well-rounded individuals, curious to learn about world cultures, politics and global issues. We support and encourage students to build the necessary skills for living and thriving as global citizens in the 21st century.

Leading a non-stop revolution against traditional education.

When a box doesn’t fit anymore, some have to get out. Spark Generation is targeting students, parents and forward-thinking schools, offering them a modern (villain-free) alternative that gives them control over their learning process by leading a non-stop revolution against conventional education. A place where flexibility outshines rigidity.


Courses to nurture your Future-Ready Skills

Take a look at one of the courses we added to our Curriculum in 2023, meant to help students nurture their entrepreneurship skills.


  • 1 Each student will have a personalised learning journey in developing life-long skills and attitudes.
  • 2 Learning happens primarily outside of the classroom with a guided immersion in real-life experiences.
  • 3 The Global Education learning journey is acknowledged and celebrated through the badges system.

Our Global Education Programme

Each student’s journey is tailored according to their interests in the global society, such as cultural diversity, democratic processes, political and social engagement, environmentalism, and civil society needs. Each project includes a wide variety of real-life learning opportunities and interactions with experts.