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Impact Entrepreneurship

Summary of course content

The modern world demands a multitude of skills from teenagers. Two of the most vital? Financial and entrepreneurial literacy. Recent data from PISA highlights an unsettling truth: the majority of teens across numerous countries lack foundational knowledge in financial literacy. This deficit isn’t just a distant statistic; it’s a pressing concern. It’s an important gap Spark tries to solve by offering teenagers the chance to be change-makers today.
This course is aimed at young people between 13-18 interested in social impact and entrepreneurship and should help them understand impact entrepreneurship and how they can apply it in their own lives to drive meaningful change. It is about impact entrepreneurship and change-making as ways to have a positive impact on complex issues.

Areas of Study

  1. The basics of business
  2. Knowing yourself
  3. Knowing the playing field
  4. Building your business case
  5. Creating the business
  6. Making impact
  7. From dreams to reality
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