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A2 Level

Cambridge A2 Biology

Summary of Cambridge A2 Biology course content

Cambridge A2 Level Biology course at Spark Generation delves deeper into the complexity of life, from molecular biology to ecology and genetics. Continue your exploration of the biological sciences and prepare for higher education in the field today.

Areas of Study

Candidates for Cambridge International A Level Biology study the AS topics and the following topics:

  • Energy and respiration
  • Photosynthesis
  • Homeostasis
  • Control and coordination
  • Inheritance
  • Selection and evolution
  • Classification, biodiversity and conservation
  • Genetic technology A Level candidates also study practical skills.

The aims are to enable students to:

  • acquire knowledge and understanding and develop practical skills, including efficient, accurate and safe scientific practices
  • learn to apply the scientific method, while developing an awareness of the limitations of scientific theories and models
  • develop skills in data analysis, evaluation and drawing conclusions, cultivating attitudes relevant to science such as objectivity, integrity, enquiry, initiative and inventiveness
  • develop effective scientific communication skills, using appropriate terminology and scientific conventions
  • understand their responsibility to others/society and to care for the environment
  • enjoy science and develop an informed interest in the subject that may lead to further study.

Guided Learning Hours

Guided learning hours give an indication of the amount of contact time teachers need to have with learners to deliver a particular course. Our syllabuses are designed around 180 guided learning hours for Cambridge International AS Level, and around 360 guided learning hours for Cambridge International A Level.

Level A2 Level

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