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A2 Level

Cambridge A2 Business

Summary of course content

Have you already thought about your business idea and want to learn the basics to develop it? Great, you chose well. Employers like individuals who are passionate about business so if you combine this Cambridge A2 Business course with Cambridge A2 Economics it is just perfect for you.
You will obtain information on how to run a business and what skills are required to have your own.

Elevate your business acumen and prepare for the entrepreneurial world today!

The syllabus aims to enable candidates to:

  • understand and appreciate the nature and scope of business, and the role of business in society, internationally and within each candidate’s own country
  • develop critical understanding of organisations, the markets they serve and the process of adding value
  • evaluate business behaviour from the perspective of a range of stakeholders including owner/ shareholder, manager, employee, customer, supplier, lender and government
  • develop an awareness of the political, economic, social, technological, legal, environmental and ethical issues associated with business activity
  • develop quantitative, problem-solving, decision-making and communication skills.

All candidates for Cambridge International AS & A Level Business study the topics below. Candidates for Cambridge International A Level Business also study the highlighted topics:

  1. Business and environment
    • Enterprise
    • Business Structure
    • Size of business
    • Business objectives
    • Stakeholders in a business
    • Business structure
    • Size of business
    • External influences on business activity
  2. People in organisations
    • Management and leadership
    • Motivation
    • Human resource management
    • Human resource management
    • Organisational structure
    • Business communication
  3. Marketing
    • What is marketing?
    • Market research
    • The marketing mix
    • Marketing planning
    • Globalisation and international marketing
  4. Operations and project management
    • The nature of operations
    • Operations planning
    • Inventory management
    • Operations planning
    • Capacity utilisation
    • Lean production and quality management
    • Project management
  5. Finance and accounting
    • The need for business finance
    • Sources of finance
    • Costs
    • Accounting fundamentals
    • Forecasting cash flows and managing working capital
    • Costs
    • Budgets
    • Contents of published accounts
    • Analysis of published accounts
    • Investment appraisal
  6. Strategic management
    • [No topics at AS Level]
    • What is strategic management?
    • Strategic analysis
    • Strategic choice
    • Strategic implementation

How the course is assessed

For Cambridge International AS & A Level Business, candidates:

– take two written papers (for the Cambridge International AS Level qualification)


– or follow a staged assessment route by taking two written (for Cambridge International AS Level qualification) in one series, then one additional written paper (for the Cambridge International A Level qualification) in a later series


– or take all three written papers in the same examination series, leading to the full Cambridge International A Level.

Guided Learning Hours

Guided learning hours give an indication of the amount of contact time teachers need to have with learners to deliver a particular course. Our syllabuses are designed around 180 guided learning hours for Cambridge International AS Level, and around 360 guided learning hours for Cambridge International A Level.

Level A2 Level
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Required textbook

Cambridge International AS and A Level Business Coursebook, Peter Stimpson, Alistair Farquharson, ISBN 9781107677364. You can find the textbook here.

Course Code: 9609