Learning at Spark

Spark innovative learning environment

Hybrid international high school

Spark is a hybrid international high school that brings students, teachers, and parents closer together. Setting homework, tracking progress, sharing resources while also engaging parents is now easier than ever.

Spark allows teachers to send assignments and materials to selected students or classes instantly. Parents can get involved to support their children, having access to all the resources they need to help out. Teachers can give feedback in various ways, advising students on where they can improve or focus on next, without ever needing to leave the Spark School platform.

Tracking progress is now straightforward because grades and feedback are stored automatically and Sparks allows students to see where they are doing well and where they need to improve.

With the easy-to-use Spark infrastructure, students can now enjoy innovative and exciting resources, which means that they can now learn and discover in various new ways, in a multicultural environment. Social Interaction happens in local learning hubs, live assemblies, clubs and societies. Spark allows students to attend classes from anywhere around the world at their own pace. Spark can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

The best part is that Spark connects the whole school. It means that everyone is engaged all the time. Students are all up to date, parents feel involved, and teachers have everything in one place. Students can choose only the subjects that interest them, from a wide range of courses, according to their passion.

Fit for Future Education

The Fit for Future Education can help students learn what it means to be a part of the world, take on challenges, be responsible for their actions, understand what a global community means and help build a world where we respect each other, the planet and every being on it.

Education is no longer about getting a high mark, it is about personal and professional development, about learning and understanding our importance in this world and about caring for the wellbeing of each student. We all have certain skills, certain passions and they are the ones that make us unique and they need to be respected and nurtured. This is an education that is fit for the future.

Flexibility with Spark

An education system that has all its components – lesson delivery, communication, feedback and assessment, parent engagement, interaction among students – digitally managed is the easiest way to allow students to become fit for the future as they select their own schedule, learn at their own pace, focus on what they need, receive feedback faster and have a personalised learning strategy.

More than this, the flexibility we offer allows students to follow their passions, follow their families where they may move, or go on holiday without missing out on their studies and progress. Fewer worries and more relaxing moments will make a happy student who will enjoy a smooth learning path.

Spark Innovation

Education in the 21st century has to be based on innovation and this is what a hybrid learning system offers. We are presently witnessing a global race of providers of online education and this is good, as it makes us strive to continuously improve.

The technology used, the adaptability to each student’s needs, the availability to connect the student, teacher and parents, the eagerness to allow each student to develop their own ideas and take on the responsibility of their actions, the freedom of choice when it comes to how and when students learn is what drives us as Spark School. 

Social Interaction

Enhancing social interactions between students, teachers and students, in and outside the class is essential for a sense of belonging to an educational community. Working towards a collective third space is very important in a hybrid school environment.

At Spark School, we do our best to create a feeling of belonging and trust for students, similar to traditional education. Social interactions can influence the students’ learning paths.

Community Support

At Spark Hybrid High School we help students feel part of the community while they also contribute to creating a positive school culture. In this community, our students can feel secure to interact with peers, get feedback, and celebrate their progress with their colleagues in their social gatherings offline or online.

Parents can also find support in their children’s learning journey. Our beliefs, values and actions are shared with our students and their parents. Flexibility, adaptability and an open dialogue are keys to creating strong community support.