Director’s Welcome Message

Dear member of our community,

This letter comes from my heart and the heart of our community. It is for all of us and about all of us. 

Our vision stems from years of personal and team reflections, conferences, training sessions, books, and visits around the world. We are building an educational program fit for the future. We want all our members to thrive in their personal and professional life.

We do not let the physical barriers get in the way of providing our members with the tools and resources to be autonomous, find creative solutions and build healthy relationships. Whether online or face-to-face, we nurture a culture in which we all feel supported, cared for, and safe. 


We believe in an education that is unique for every teenager and young adult to help them create a clear sense of purpose and identity.

We believe in a community of teenagers and young adults who develop through communication, difficult moments, mistakes, discomfort, and friendships. We support them to discover their strengths and vulnerabilities on their path to greatness. We inspire students to seek to understand rather than judge and act from a place of kindness towards themselves, those around them, and the environment. Our students find their path to meaning and fulfillment through personal leadership. They learn to lead a mindful, healthy life by practicing recharging, renewal, and ongoing learning fit for their future.


We understand parenting is a journey, not a destination. We value progress and not perfection.

We believe in a community of caregivers who understand that together we are stronger. We act as a village raising a generation of leaders who seek to discover themselves through passions and healthy relationships. The adults in the lives of teenagers and young adults model healthy boundaries, empathy, compassion, and learning from failure. We invest time and effort in understanding the challenges our children face to offer them the support they need. We understand how valuable this stage is in developing a healthy adult.


We lead. We belong.

We select teachers who become part of a community that continuously learns how to be there for students through their discomfort, learning, and life’s difficult lessons. Together we create purposeful, engaging, and relevant learning experiences. We acknowledge that we are all on a personal and professional journey and create environments in which they can thrive. 

With the help of all the people in our community, we leave a legacy for a kinder, more courageous, and moral society.


With love for our work,

Ruxandra Mercea and Spark School