Join us in redefining high school education

As advocates for innovation, we understand that schools require innovative systems to integrate technology into the daily learning process of students all around the world, but also teachers and schools need a digital solution to enhance their journey and lead a modern way of educating the new generation. 


2023 milestones

✅ raised the Seed round target and exceeded expectations

successfully launching our innovative digital learning platform (online Cambridge high school, online A level courses, online IGCES courses, etc.)

✅ expanded the number of users from 75 to 1000

we have transformed into a purpose-driven enterprise, significantly impacting the lives of teenagers, their families, and high schools globally, expanding to more than 25 countries worldwide.

Our continuous growth demonstrates the confidence placed in the new financial trajectory for 2024, as we are now raising a new round, which will help us grow the distribution channel through B2B and AI integration into our platform.

Let’s discuss how we can redirect high school education together!

Our goal

Spark’s objective is to secure funding to support the ongoing product development, which is equipped to integrate AI capabilities through machine learning and intelligent automation.

Spark’s immediate priorities include embarking on an expansion into new markets, attracting new users, and expanding its sales and marketing teams. With the funds raised, they will focus on accelerating the development of these initiatives to achieve their desired growth.

Until 2028, Spark is aiming to reach 40.000 students and 4.000 schools enrolled in the platform.

“I have spent most of my career investing in transforming education and always had a special passion for innovation. We truly believe that this is the time for Spark, globally. We are excited that we already have a meaningful impact on the lives of students and families that joined us and we will continue to pursue our dream to change the way teenagers learn in High School.”

Ruxandra Mercea, Founder and Head of Spark.

Our partners

Education support is a priority for Qubiz, which aligns well with Spark School’s ongoing efforts. For quite a few years now, we’ve been investing in the startups we truly believe in. And Spark is no exception here. In fact, this is the biggest investment in one partner so far and we’re excited to support them along the way.”

Marcel Anghel, CEO of Qubiz

“Spark stands out for its solid management, successful business operations, and prospective market opportunities. They are promising a bright future by reinventing traditional education with a personalised learning experience, modern curricula, and a very tangible end result of skills, certifications, and jobs. We are excited to offer our investment community the opportunity to support Spark with their growth ambitions.”

Andrei Dudoiu, Managing Partner at SeedBlink.

Do you want to invest in Spark Generation?

Spark Generation encourages and invites any interested external parties to participate in the change. Follow us on LinkedIn to see the  As an individual donor, you can make smaller pledges to help us build a better education for our children.