Our vision at Spark School is to offer an education fit for the future that enables enthusiastic young adults to pursue their passions and fulfil their potential.

You may already be well on your way with your secondary education studies, or you may be at a point where you are just now faced with new options for the future, having to decide on your path for IGCSE and, later on, for A-Levels and University courses.

Regardless of where you are in your high school education journey, we are here to create the most empowering experience for you. You will find that at Spark we are flexible, supportive and accommodating, so you need to tell us your needs and your vision for the future and we can tell you how we can get there. Together.

At Spark School, you will find more than a school, more than just teachers or a content-delivery platform. We will become your partners in ensuring you are fit for the future.

Admissions Process

We take pride in being flexible and accommodating, in addition to delivering quality education at the highest international standards. We want to understand each applicant’s particular story and situation, so we can truly become your partners in creating the most successful path for your future.


Once you complete the application form, a member of our admissions team will contact you to explain and schedule the next steps. 


Every candidate applying for admission to Spark or signing up for courses will be required to provide proof of academic progress, language proficiency, and completed exams, as applicable.


Based on your background and aspirations, you will need to complete a series of written, online assessments that allow us to gauge the current level of attainment and would also allow us to make recommendations going forward. 


The admissions team may ask for recent school reports or other relevant information in order to recommend the most suitable academic track for each student, considering their individual circumstances.


If certificates or previous school reports are not available or are not sufficient/relevant, the candidate will be required to complete the exams deemed necessary by the school. 


The purpose of the assessment is to determine that the candidate has achieved the required level that is expected by the specific point in the educational journey and that the necessary knowledge and skills are in place in order for the student to successfully complete his exams.

Submit an application

To make sure that we understand your needs and where you are in your educational journey, please fill in the application form: