Our vision at Spark Generation is to be the right educational solution for everybody who needs to escape the limitations of the traditional system. To offer an education fit for the future that enables enthusiastic young adults to pursue their passions and fulfil their potential.

Spark Generation is an innovative and flexible educational system offering the Cambridge International Curriculum. A digital learning platform enabling a new way of teaching and learning.

Admissions Process

We take pride in being flexible and accommodating, in addition to delivering quality education at the highest international standards. We want to understand each applicant’s particular story and situation, so we can truly become your partners in creating the most successful path for your future.

Family meeting

Once you complete the application form, you will have an online family meeting with our admission team to learn more about your story and needs.

Every candidate applying for admission to Spark or signing up for courses will be required to provide proof of academic progress, language proficiency, and completed exams, as applicable.

Academic initial assessments

We need to gain insights into your abilities and knowledge and support your learning path with valuable recommendations. That’s why every young learner who will join Spark Generation will have to take initial academic assessments:

  1. English test (or provide an English competency proof )
  2. Students who want to start with IGCSE take their first YELLIS assessment before choosing their final subjects
  3. Students aiming to begin their A Levels (AS & A2) take their first ALIS assessment before deciding their options

Contract and wellbeing survey

The last step is signing the contract and filling in the wellbeing survey that ensure they will nurture a holistic learning experience based on the P.A.I.R.S. framework (Purpose, Autonomy, Identity, Relationships, Self-re/design).

Start & Induction

After completing all these steps, you are welcome to Spark Generation – the Cambridge Accredited educational platform that embraces your family’s needs.

Submit an application

To make sure that we understand your needs and where you are in your educational journey, please fill in the application form:


The metamorphosis.

The world is here to witness a metamorphosis: students who have not only defeated their villains but have also redeemed the lost superpowers within. A generation that goes from ordinary to extraordinary. From a generation of teenagers that the world simply could not understand and could not handle to a generation of the extraordinary.

A generation of the authentic.

A generation of the marvellous.

The new generation of powerful teenagers — the Spark Generation.