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A Tale of Capes and Superpower: introducing Spark Generation

Dear game changers,


Yes, you!


You, daring teenager who gets chills while envisioning your dream; you, fearless parent who creates magic for your child; you restless educator who inspires generations; you empowered school leader who walks proudly through the buzzing hallways. 

We have something to confess. A few years ago, the world was struck with a question:


What is going on with this new generation emerging?


A generation of teenagers that the world simply could not understand and could not handle. The world labelled them, researched their behaviours, and concluded that they were too much for the world we were accustomed to.

We could not agree on that. 

Then, the world decided to give them villains to fight against, attempting to prove they couldn’t fit into the world we knew. That took away their powers. 


We could not witness that. And we didn’t. 


Instead, we created a tribe of parents, students, schools and leaders who were brave enough to confront these villains.


We established an educational system that not only combats the obstacles in the way of the new generation of teenagers but one that will overcome rigidity, fear, doubt and other fearful cyclopes.

We envisioned a community of brave young adults, resilient and prepared for their future, serene and proud parents, inspired and inspirational educators, praised leaders and role models.


A generation that discovered their superpowers and a system that will restore their lost ones.


We have crafted something powerful against the ordinary, something that will support the extraordinary. We have built a community around a generation that existed but wasn’t properly named and understood – a generation of teenagers destined to shape the future. 


A generation of the extraordinary

A generation of the authentic

A generation of the marvellous.

But superheroes need to think, act and look like superheroes. So, here we are, presenting you our superhero cape.

The new identity, Spark Generation, captures the essence of our purpose: to be the right educational solution for everybody who needs to escape the limitations of the traditional system.


A catalyst for transformation, a catalyst for the next generation of pioneers and innovators.


The logo, a vibrant representation of flexibility, diversity and togetherness, is the symbol of the superhero that lies inside every teenager, parent, teacher and school.  


Spark Generation reveals itself as an innovative and flexible educational system. A digital learning platform enabling a new way of teaching and learning


A place where resilience, motivation, wellbeing, and progress replace stress, frustration and fear. And a place where one will unleash its superpower and find its cape. 


The Spark Generation. The new generation of powerful teenagers.


So, are you ready to step into a world where your true potential is unleashed?


Spark Generation is not just about academics; it’s about discovering the superhero within you. With our innovative Cambridge International Curriculum, we replace the ordinary with a vibrant learning experience that fosters resilience, motivation, and well-being. 


It’s time to shed the limitations of traditional education and embrace a journey where you’re not only learning but also finding your cape – your unique superpower.


Join us and be part of a generation of marvellous teenagers destined to shape the future. From ordinary to extraordinary education.