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Is online high school better than in-person?

Ever asked yourself this question? If you ever wondered whether online high school might be the best choice for you, by reading this blog post you'll probably get some answers to your questions. We've made come comparisons, discussed the differences, and best use-cases for both educational models - and which one is better, you ask? Well, you will have to answer that yourself, after taking into account all the knowledge hidden in this blog post.

Defining Online High Schools

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, the rise of online high schools represents a significant shift towards embracing technology and innovation to meet the diverse needs of students and families worldwide. 


This transformation is not just about relocating the classroom from a physical space to a virtual one. 


It’s about reimagining what education can be in the 21st century. 


Online high schools, also known as virtual schools or e-schools, offer a flexible, accessible, and often personalised educational experience, fundamentally changing the way students engage with learning.


Spark Generation has emerged as a frontrunner in redefining high school education. 


Offering a unique blend of the traditional and the modern, the local and the global – it conveys the best of both worlds while granting access to quality education for students and families worldwide.


The Essence of Online High Schools

At their core, online high schools provide secondary education delivered primarily or entirely online – through the Internet


Unlike traditional settings, where students and teachers interact in a physical classroom, online high schools leverage digital platforms and tools to facilitate learning


This means that students can access educational materials, participate in classes, socialise with peers and complete assignments from anywhere in the world, provided they have an internet connection.


Key Features of Online High Schools

Flexibility and Accessibility: 

One of the hallmark features of online high schools is unparalleled flexibility


Students can set their own pace of learning, which is particularly beneficial for those with other commitments and interests, such as sports or arts, that require a significant amount of time. 


Personalised Learning Paths: 

Many online high schools (like, Spark Generation, for example) utilise innovative learning technologies to tailor education to the individual learner. 


This personalisation can help students master subjects at their own pace, with curriculum and instruction that cater to their strengths and areas for improvement.


Diverse Course Offerings: 

Virtual schools provide a variety of courses, including academic and non-academic courses and specialised programs that might not be available in traditional school settings. 


Defining Traditional High Schools

Traditional education, or brick-and-mortar schooling, is characterised by its structured physical environment, where learning occurs within classroom walls.


What are the characteristics of Traditional Education?


  • Structured Learning Environment: 

Traditional schools offer a highly structured learning environment with set times for classes, breaks, and extracurricular activities.


  • Direct Social Interaction:

Perhaps the most significant contrast to online high schools is the opportunity for direct social interaction that traditional schools provide. 


Face-to-face engagement with peers and teachers helps students develop social skills, emotional intelligence, and a sense of community.


  • Access to Extracurricular Activities: 

Traditional schools often offer many extracurricular activities to their students, from sports teams to music, arts, and clubs. 


Differences in Traditional vs. Online Educational Models


  • Learning Environment

Traditional classrooms often operate within the confines of physical spaces, limiting the scope of learning interactions. 


In contrast, Spark Generation‘s learning environment breaks free from these boundaries, fostering a global classroom without walls where students from various cultures and backgrounds can learn together. 


  • Curriculum

Traditional Education: Typically, traditional curriculums adhere to a standardised framework, focusing on core subjects. 


This method provides a solid educational foundation but may need more flexibility to address individual interests or the dynamic requirements of the global job market.


Spark Generation: Spark Generation leverages the Cambridge curriculum to offer an enriched learning experience that is both rigorous and flexible


This curriculum is renowned for its comprehensive coverage of subjects, emphasis on critical thinking, and encouragement of in-depth understanding. 


Another thing about the Cambridge Curriculum is it’s highly adaptable and personalisable, thus ensuring that every learning journey is tailored entirely to the student’s needs and interests. 


  • Assessments

Traditional Education: The conventional approach to assessment often revolves around standardised tests and exams, which can prioritise rote learning over critical thinking and application.


Spark Generation: Spark Generation transforms assessment through the lens of the Cambridge curriculum, embracing a broader spectrum of evaluation methods that prioritise understanding, creativity, and practical application. 


This approach allows for a more personalised assessment strategy, encouraging students to reflect on their learning process and apply their knowledge innovatively.


Defining what you need from a high school 


this picture shows a high school students with some unique needs and dreams


All of us are different, come from different backgrounds, and have different dreams and aspirations for the future. 


Because of this, our needs are also different – and that’s okay. 


When looking for a high school that meets all your needs, some of the most common ones that people consider important are: 


1️⃣Geographical Proximity vs. Global Accessibility: 

For some students, the choice may be for a school within a convenient commute to facilitate extracurricular activities and community involvement. 


Others might prioritise access to global perspectives and diverse cultural interactions offered by online platforms, valuing the flexibility and broader educational approach they can provide.


2️⃣Traditional Schedules vs. Customizable Learning Paths: 

Families and students balancing demanding extracurricular commitments, such as athletics or arts, might seek schools offering flexible scheduling. 


This flexibility allows students to pursue their passions outside of academics without sacrificing the quality of their education, fostering a well-rounded development.


3️⃣Academic Rigor vs. Holistic Skill Development:

The evolving job market and societal needs highlight the importance of a curriculum that not only covers academic excellence but also emphasises critical thinking, creativity, adaptability, and leadership. 


Schools that offer a blend of rigorous academic content with opportunities for real-world application and skill development can be particularly appealing.


4️⃣Supporting Wellbeing in Education:  

Recognising the critical role of mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing in academic success, many families seek schools that offer robust support systems. 


These can include counselling services, wellness programs, and a supportive, inclusive community environment that nurtures students’ overall growth.


Benefits offered by Spark Generation’s Educational Model


Benefits for Athletes

  • Unprecedented Flexibility:

Athletes can tailor their learning schedule around training sessions, competitions, and travel commitments, ensuring they do not compromise their athletic or academic aspirations.


  • Customised Learning Paths:

The ability to progress through material at their own pace allows student-athletes to excel academically without the added stress of synchronising their education with a traditional school calendar.


  • Supportive Infrastructure:

Spark Generation provides wellbeing resources and support specifically designed to meet the needs of athletes, including academic advisors who understand the unique pressures faced by student-athletes.


Benefits for Homeschoolers

  • Global Community Access:

By joining Spark Generation, homeschoolers become part of an international community, allowing for interaction with peers from diverse backgrounds and cultures. 


  • Structured Yet Flexible Curriculum:

The platform offers a structured curriculum that aligns with global standards while allowing the flexibility that homeschoolers are accustomed to. 


  • Resources and Support:

Homeschoolers can access many resources, including experienced teachers and comprehensive learning materials, enhancing their educational journey.


Benefits for international students

  • Culturally Inclusive Curriculum:

Designed with a global perspective, the curriculum ensures that content is both relevant and accessible to students from any background, making education more inclusive and adaptable.


  • Remote Learning Access:

One of the most significant benefits Spark Generation offers is the opportunity for students in remote or underserved areas to access quality education. 


This aspect is crucial for those who do not have good schools in their vicinity. It opens up possibilities for high-quality learning that were previously unavailable.


  • Preparation for the Real World:

Focusing on future-ready skills such as critical thinking, communication, and adaptability prepares international students for global success. 


Hear it from the Spark Generation Community.

Angela G. – Mother of former homeschooled student Luisa G., currently enrolled full-time at Spark Generation:



How to Enrol

Unlike traditional schools, the enrollment period at Spark Generation is open all year long. If you’re unsure about making this change in your educational journey, do not worry!


You are not pressed by deadlines to enrol – you can enrol the same way you study at Spark Generation – at your own pace


For more information on our admission process, visit our Admissions page on the Spark Generation website. 


We’re more than excited to introduce you to a new way of pursuing your education! Contact us for any inquiries or curiosities, and we’ll get back to you in no time! 


Key Things to Take Away

As we stand at the crossroads of education’s future, it’s clear that the journey toward academic excellence and personal growth is not one-size-fits-all


With its structured environment and direct social interactions, the traditional educational system has stood the test of time, offering a solid foundation for countless students. 


However, the evolving landscape of the 21st century, marked by rapid technological advancements and shifting global dynamics, calls for an educational model that transcends traditional boundaries. 


For those who find themselves seeking more—be it in terms of flexibility, accessibility, or a curriculum that mirrors the diverse needs of a globalised society—Spark Generation offers an alternative path. 


Spark Generation’s educational model does not seek to replace traditional education but to complement it by providing options for those who yearn for a different approach. 


Each serves a unique purpose and caters to different needs, preferences, and aspirations. 


P.S. If you are still not convinced or ready to make a choice, our blog post with 5 things to consider when choosing a High school might also offer some help in your quest!


Or, if you think you need to get more educated on this whole Online Learning thing, we also have something for you there. If there’s anything we did not cover, our inbox is always open!


FAQ: Is online high school better than in-person? 


1. Is online high school better than in-person high school?

It depends on the student’s needs. Online high schools offer flexibility and personalised learning, ideal for those with unique schedules or interests. Traditional schools provide a structured environment and direct social interactions, benefiting those who thrive in conventional settings.


2. How does Spark Generation cater to athletes and homeschoolers?

Spark Generation offers flexible schedules for athletes to balance training and academics. For homeschoolers, it provides a global community and a structured yet adaptable curriculum, enhancing their educational experience beyond traditional methods.


3. What makes Spark Generation’s approach unique compared to traditional high schools?

Spark Generation teaches the Cambridge curriculum online. This offers the students a global perspective, a personalised learning experience, and preparation for real-world challenges. Apart from this, Spark Generation also emphasises wellbeing programs and equipping students with future-ready skills to help them thrive in any environment after graduation.