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Sexual Education

Summary of course content

Too many young people receive confusing and conflicting information about puberty, relationships, love and sex, as they make the transition from childhood to adulthood. A growing number of studies show that young people are turning to the digital environment as a key source of information about sexuality. This course is created for teenagers aged 14-16 and gives young people accurate, age-appropriate information about sexuality and their sexual and reproductive health, which is critical for their health and survival.


The evidence on the impact of Comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) is clear:

  • Sexuality education has positive effects, including increasing young people’s knowledge and improving their attitudes related to sexual and reproductive health and behaviours.
  • CSE is five times more likely to be successful in preventing unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections when it pays explicit attention to the topics of gender and power.

CSE also addresses the psychological, social, and emotional issues relating to these topics, including those that may be challenging in some social and cultural contexts. It supports learners’ empowerment by improving their analytical, communication, and other life skills for health and well-being in relation to:

  • sexuality;
  • human rights & sexual reproductive rights;
  • a healthy and respectful family life and interpersonal relationships;
  • personal and shared values;
  • cultural and social norms;
  • gender equality;
  • non-discrimination;
  • sexual behaviour;
  • gender-based and other violence;
  • consent and bodily integrity.

Areas of Study

Module 1. Relationships

Module 2. Values, Rights, Culture and Sexuality

Module 3. Understanding Gender

Module 4. Violence and Bullying

Module 5. Skills for Health and Wellbeing

Module 6. The Human Body and Development

Module 7. Sexuality and Sexual Behaviour

Module 8. Sexual and Reproductive Health

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