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Leading your life

Unlock Your Potential with the "Leading Your Life" Course

Are you ready to unleash your full potential and lead a life of purpose and fulfilment? ๐Ÿš€

Join us on an exciting journey of self-discovery and personal growth with “Leading Your Life,” a transformative course inspired by the timeless wisdom of the Covey Institute.

๐Ÿ”‘ย What You’ll Learn:

  • Gain clarity on your personal values and goals.
  • Develop habits for enhanced productivity and fulfilment.
  • Cultivate strong leadership skills.
  • Build meaningful relationships.
  • Achieve a healthy work-life balance.


  • Through engaging lectures, interactive exercises, and real-world applications, “Leading Your Life” equips you with the tools and mindset needed to thrive in today’s fast-paced world.


๐ŸŒŸ Ready to embark on this empowering journey? Enrol now and unlock the leader within you!ย 

Areas of Study

  • Principles of Effectiveness: Discover how to align your actions with your values and goals to maximize productivity and fulfilment.
  • The 7 Habits – Part I & II: Learn powerful habits to cultivate personal leadership, prioritize what matters most, and achieve balance in your life.
  • Putting the 7 Habits to Work: Receive practical guidance and strategies to integrate these habits into your daily life for lasting change

You will:

  • Focus and act on what can be controlled and influenced, instead of what canโ€™t.
  • Define clear measures of success and create a plan to achieve them for both life and work.
  • Prioritise and achieve the most important goals instead of reacting to urgencies.
  • Develop innovative solutions that leverage diversity and satisfy all key stakeholders.
  • Collaborate more effectively with others by building high-trust relationships.

Guided Learning Hours

Students will have 7 hours of guided learning.

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Structure & Duration

This course is structured in 3 modules and takes 6 hours.