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Summary of course content

By studying this Cambridge International AS & A Level course you will develop:

  • an understanding of the principal processes operating within physical geography and human geography
  • an understanding of the causes and effects of change on natural and human environments
  • an awareness of the usefulness of geographical analysis to understand and solve contemporary human and environmental problems

Candidates for Cambridge International AS Level Geography study the following topics:

Core Physical Geography

  • Hydrology and fluvial geomorphology
  • Atmosphere and weather
  • Rocks and weathering

Core Human Geography

  • Population
  • Migration
  • Settlement dynamics

Candidates for Cambridge International A Level Geography study the AS Level topics and two options from:

Advanced Physical Geography Options

  • Tropical environments
  • Coastal environments
  • Hazardous environments
  • Hot arid and semi-arid environments

and two options from:

Advanced Human Geography Options

  • Production, location and change
  • Environmental management
  • Global interdependence
  • Economic transition

How the course is assessed


For Cambridge International AS Level Geography, candidates take two written papers.


For Cambridge International A Level Geography candidates take four written papers.

Guided Learning Hours

Guided learning hours give an indication of the amount of contact time teachers need to have with learners to deliver a particular course. Our syllabuses are designed around 180 guided learning hours for Cambridge International AS Level, and around 360 guided learning hours for Cambridge International A Level.

Level AS/A
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