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A2 Level

Cambridge A2 Computer Science

Summary of Cambridge A2 Computer Science course content

You are a native digital individual, so you already have essential skills. With this Cambridge A2 Computer Science course you will learn new skills that have utility in everyday life and encourage you to take a new look at solving problems in real life. Combine this course with Cambridge International A2 Mathematics course, Cambridge International AS Physics, Cambridge International A2 Chemistry course or Cambridge International A2 Economics course in order to achieve your career in this area. Get ready to learn in depth information about Hardware and Software fundamentals.

Dive deeper into the complexities of computing and prepare for a future in technology and innovation today.

The aims of this Cambridge International A2 Computer Science course are to enable students to develop:

  • computational thinking skills
  • an understanding of the main principles of solving problems using computers
  • an understanding of the component parts of computer systems and how they interrelate, including software,
  • data, hardware, communication and people
  • an understanding of the different methods of communication and the functionality of networks and the internet
  • the skills necessary to apply this understanding to develop computer based solutions to problems

Candidates for Cambridge International AS & A Level Computer Science study the following:

  • Computer systems including software, data hardware and people
  • Networks and Communication
  • Databases
  • Solving problems using computers
  • Computer systems including software, data hardware and people
  • Networks, Communication and Security
  • Computational thinking, problem-solving and programming

How the course is assessed


Candidates for Advanced Subsidiary (AS) certification take two written papers.


Candidates for A Levels take three written papers and one practical examination.


Calculators must not be used in any paper.

Guided Learning Hours

We design Cambridge International AS & A Level syllabuses based on learners having about 180 guided learning hours for each Cambridge International AS Level and about 360 guided learning hours for a Cambridge International A Level. The number of hours a learner needs to achieve the qualification may vary according to local practice and their previous experience of the subject.

Level A2 Level

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Any special requirements

You may assume that all students have access to an Internet connection and a basic computing device such as a mobile phone or a tablet and basic writing materials such as notebooks and pens/pencils. If anything additional to this such as textbooks, a more powerful computing device or specific software or apps are required (including free software) then list the minimum requirements here.


  • Cambridge International AS & A Level Computer Science: Student’s Book
    Watson, D and Williams, H
  • Hodder Education
  • ISBN: 9781510457591

Computing Device

  • It is possible to complete the course using a basic computing device such as a mobile phone or tablet. A bluetooth keyboard for easier typing would be recommended. Having access to a laptop or desktop computer would be an advantage.

Required textbook

Cambridge International AS & A Level Computer Science, David Watson, Helen Williams, ISBN 9781510457584. You can find the textbook here.

Course Code: 9618