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A2 Level

Cambridge A2 Chemistry

Summary of Cambridge A2 Chemistry course content

This course will guide you through the basic principles and concepts fundamental to the subject and some of its current applications. During this course, you will acquire scientific knowledge and an understanding of theories. You will have the chance to enjoy science in a diverse way, so prepare your questions because we have experiments to learn from.

Deepen your understanding of the chemical world and prepare for higher education in chemistry today!

This course aims to:

  1. provide, through well designed studies of experimental and practical chemistry, a worthwhile educational experience for all learners, whether or not they go on to study science beyond this level and, in particular, to enable them to acquire sufficient understanding and knowledge to:
    • become confident citizens in a technological world, able to take or develop an informed interest in scientific matters
    • recognise the usefulness, and limitations, of scientific method and appreciate its applicability in other disciplines and in everyday life
    • be suitably prepared for employment and/or further studies beyond Cambridge International A Level in Chemistry.
  2. develop abilities and skills that:
    • are relevant to the study and practice of science
    • are useful in everyday life
    • encourage efficient and safe practice
    • encourage the presentation of information and ideas appropriate for different audiences and purposes
    • develop self-motivation and the ability to work in a sustained fashion.
  3. develop attitudes relevant to science such as:
    • a concern for accuracy and precision
    • objectivity
    • integrity
    • a spirit of enquiry
    • initiative
    • insight
  4. stimulate interest in, and care for, the environment.
  5.  promote an awareness that:
    • the study and practice of science are co-operative and cumulative activities, and are subject to social, economic, technological, ethical and cultural influences and limitations
      the applications of chemistry may be both beneficial and detrimental to the individual, the community and the environment.
  6. stimulate learners and create a sustained interest in chemistry so that the study of the subject is enjoyable and satisfying.

Candidates for Cambridge International AS & A Level Chemistry study the following topics:

Physical chemistry

1. Atoms, molecules and stoichiometry
2. Atomic structure
3. Chemical bonding
4. States of matter
5. Chemical energetics
6. Electrochemistry
7. Equilibria
8. Reaction kinetics

Inorganic chemistry

9. The Periodic Table: chemical periodicity
10. Group 2
11. Group 17
12. An introduction to the chemistry of transition elements
13. Nitrogen and sulfur

Organic chemistry and analysis

14. An introduction to organic chemistry
15. Hydrocarbons
16. Halogen derivatives
17. Hydroxy compounds
18. Carbonyl compounds
19. Carboxylic acids and derivatives
20. Nitrogen compounds
21. Polymerisation
22. Analytical techniques
23. Organic synthesis

All candidates study practical skills.

How the course is assessed


Candidates for Advanced Subsidiary (AS) certification take two written papers and one practical exam in a single examination series.


Candidates who, having received AS certification, wish to continue their studies to the full Advanced Level qualification may carry their AS marks forward and take two more papers in the examination series in which they require certification.


Candidates taking the full Advanced Level qualification at the end of the course take all five papers in a single examination series.

Guided Learning Hours

Guided learning hours give an indication of the amount of contact time teachers need to have with learners to deliver a particular course. Our syllabuses are designed around 180 guided learning hours for Cambridge International AS Level, and around 360 guided learning hours for Cambridge International A Level. (SYLLABUS FOUND ONLINE)

Level A2 Level

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Required textbook

Chemistry in Context for Cambridge International AS & A Level, Graham Hill, John Holman, Philippa Gardom Hulme, ISBN 9780198396192. You can find the textbook here.

Course Code: 9701