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Media Studies

Summary of course content

By studying this Cambridge International AS & A Level course candidates will:

  • develop critical understanding of international media through engagement with media products and concepts
  • develop critical understanding of international media through engagement with the creative application of practical skills
  • explore production processes, technologies and contexts
  • develop independence in research skills and their application
  • enjoy and appreciate the media and its role in their daily lives
  • appreciate and engage with a variety of global and local media texts
  • explore the impact of the media within a variety of cultures and how this influences social values.

Skills and understanding common to all areas of study

  • Media forms and media platforms.
  • Case studies.
  • The ability to apply practical skills creatively, the ability to analyse their own and published media products critically, research and evaluation skills and information management and project management skills.
  • Knowledge and understanding relating to the key concepts of Language, Representation, Industry and Audience.

AS Level subject content

Candidates must study:

  • Media texts
  • Technical elements
  • Media contexts

Candidates must study at least one media area specified below:

  • Film
  • Music
  • Print
  • Radio and podcasts
  • Video games

A Level subject content

In addition to the above, candidates must study at least two of the following topics:

  • Media regulation
  • Postmodern media
  • Power and the media

Candidates must also study:

  • Media ecology

How the course is assessed


For Cambridge International AS Level Media Studies, candidates take two papers.


For Cambridge International A Level Media Studies, candidates take four papers.

Guided Learning Hours

We design Cambridge International AS & A Level syllabuses based on learners having about 180 guided learning hours for each Cambridge International AS Level and about 360 guided learning hours for a Cambridge International A Level. The number of hours a learner needs to achieve the qualification may vary according to local practice and their previous experience of the subject.

Level AS/A
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Any special requirements

Candidates will need access to a digital camera and photo editing software – Adobe Photoshop is recommended. GIMP is a free open-source alternative if Adobe Photoshop is unavailable.