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AS Level

Cambridge AS Level Biology

Summary of Cambridge AS Level Biology course content

This Cambridge AS Level Biology course will help you acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to understand the biological world in which you live. Having an A level in Biology opens up a vast range of opportunities. If you dream about a career in Biological Science or Medicine, you will get the chance to add the most important subject.

Cambridge AS Level Biology at Spark Generation investigates life in all its forms, from cellular processes to ecosystem dynamics. Begin your advanced exploration of the living world today.

This Cambridge AS Level Biology course aims to enable students to:

  • provide, through well-designed studies of experimental and practical biological science, a worthwhile educational experience for all learners, whether or not they go on to study science beyond this level.
  • develop abilities and skills that:
    • are relevant to the study and practice of biological science
    • are useful in everyday life
    • encourage efficient and safe practice
    • encourage effective communication using universal scientific conventions.
  • develop attitudes relevant to biological science such as:
    • a concern for accuracy and precision
    • objectivity
    • integrity
    • a spirit of enquiry
    • initiative
    • inventiveness
  • stimulate interest in, and care for, the local and global environment and help learners to understand the need for conservation.
  • promote an awareness that:
    • scientific theories and methods have developed, and continue to develop, as a result of groups and individuals working together, and that biological science overcomes national boundaries
    • the study and practice of biology are affected and limited by social, economic, technological, ethical and cultural factors
    • The use of information technology is important for communication, as an aid to experiments and as a tool for interpreting experimental and theoretical results.
  • stimulate learners and create a sustained interest in biology so that the study of the subject is enjoyable and satisfying.

Candidates for Cambridge International AS Level Biology study the following topics:

1. Cell structure
2. Biological molecules
3. Enzymes
4. Cell membranes and transport
5. The mitotic cell cycle
6. Nucleic acids and protein synthesis
7. Transport in plants
8. Transport in mammals
9. Gas exchange and smoking
10. Infectious disease
11. Immunity

Candidates for Cambridge International A Level Biology study the AS topics and the following topics:

12. Energy and respiration
13. Photosynthesis
14. Homeostasis
15. Control and coordination
16. Inherited change
17. Selection and evolution
18. Biodiversity, classification and conservation
19. Genetic technology

How the course is assessed

There are three papers you take to obtain an AS level Biology qualification.

There are two additional papers you take to obtain an A level Biology qualification.

Guided Learning Hours

Guided learning hours give an indication of the amount of contact time teachers need to have with learners to deliver a particular course. Our syllabuses are designed around 180 guided learning hours for Cambridge International AS Level, and around 360 guided learning hours for Cambridge International A Level.

Level AS Level
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Required textbook

Biology in Context for Cambridge International AS & A Level, Glen Toole, Susan Toole, ISBN 9780198354819. You can find the textbook here.

Course Code: 9700