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Unlimited Learning Subscription: Learn Without Limits

Spark Generation's story just unfolded in one new chapter: the Unlimited Learning Subscription. Now, high school students can access their favourite subjects with no limits on course selection or study time! Our learning subscription empowers them to log on to the online learning platform anytime they want, and they can decide whether to learn the basics of business studies or dive into combined sciences. With a selection of academic, wellbeing, and future readiness courses and services included, students can now embark on learning journeys that are 100% customised to their needs, giving them the freedom and flexibility to shape their education as they see fit.

Welcome to a New Way of Learning

In an era when streaming platforms are blooming, and people can’t decide whether they prefer Netflix, Disney+, HBO, or any other option from the ongoing list of platforms that bring entertainment to their fingertips… we wanted to bring that to you—but in the form of education. 


That is how the Spark Generation Unlimited Learning Subscription came to life. It is for a new generation of students who can access a familiar subscription model to consume something—only this time, it comes with academic benefits instead of hours spent on the couch watching vampires or cartoons. 


Pretty good deal, huh? 


Introducing the Spark Generation Unlimited Learning Subscription

As we mentioned, the idea behind introducing an unlimited learning subscription for high school students worldwide came from market research. 


If young people will binge-watch their favourite shows – with no real benefit to their personal lives, why wouldn’t they binge-study their favourite subject – with a real chance to improve their university admission process or their application for that exchange program?


And the best thing is – there are no strings attached. 


The unlimited learning subscription is the way to go for students who want access to Cambridge-accredited courses but do not have the funds or do not wish to enrol as full-time students in Spark Generation. 


We also have the opportunity for students to enrol in Cambridge IGCSE or A-level courses with tutoring support. This can be the next step after the subscription is no longer helpful to students who have completed the course material and would like to get support with more advanced levels or support with exam preparation. 


Why Choose Unlimited Learning?

Crafting an educational journey should be about freedom, flexibility, and fitting your learning into your lifestyle—not the other way around. 


Our Unlimited Learning Subscription is designed for students who thrive under self-directed study and prefer to learn without boundaries. Here’s why it is a game-changer:


  • Complete Freedom in Learning

Say goodbye to rigid schedules and hello to learning that adapts to you. With unlimited access to our comprehensive course library, you can explore new subjects on your own timetable, whether early morning or late at night.


  • Dive Deep or Skim the Surface

Our subscription empowers you to delve deeply into subjects you’re passionate about or quickly skim topics you’re curious about. This self-paced approach puts you in the driver’s seat of your educational journey, allowing you to accelerate or slow down as you see fit.


  • A Rich Library of Resources

Gain unrestricted access to a wealth of course materials designed to enrich your understanding and expand your horizons. From detailed course texts to interactive media, everything is structured to support independent study and self-motivation.


  • Affordable Access to Education

Our subscription offers an economical way to access educational resources across various disciplines. It’s an investment in your future, providing all the tools you need at one flat rate without any hidden costs.


Choosing the Spark Unlimited Learning Subscription means embracing the freedom to shape your educational experiences as you grow. 


It’s perfect for students who are ready to take charge of their learning and explore their potential without constraints.


Broadening Your Educational Horizons

In a world that never stops changing, the ability to adapt and expand one’s knowledge base is more crucial than ever. 


Spark’s Unlimited Learning Subscription not only supports this need but actively encourages a culture of curiosity and continuous growth. Here’s how our subscription can help you broaden your educational horizons:


  • Diverse Course Offerings: From Business Studies to history or Sociology, explore courses that pique your curiosity and open up new fields of knowledge. Our expansive course catalogue means there’s always something new to learn.


  • Cutting-Edge Content: Stay ahead with courses that reflect the latest trends and innovations in technology, business, and creative industries. Our content keeps pace with the demands of modern industries.


  • Self-Guided Learning: Embrace the freedom to explore your interests at your own pace. Choose what and how you learn, tailoring your educational journey to fit your personal and professional goals.


  • Skill Development: Each course is designed not just to inform but to transform. Enhance critical thinking, problem-solving, and independent research skills with each new subject you tackle.


  • Flexible Learning Integration: Easily integrate our subscription into any educational path, whether supplementing traditional schooling or steering your own homeschooling experience. It’s education that adapts to you, not the other way around.


  • Lifelong Learning Culture: Foster a love for learning that lasts a lifetime. With continuous access to new courses, your education doesn’t stop at academics—it helps you evolve as a whole human being.



How do you subscribe to our Unlimited Learning Subscription? 

Ready to start your journey with Spark Unlimited Learning? Subscribing is easy, and you can access your courses in just a few steps. Here’s how to get started:



  • 2. Fill Out the Subscription Form – You’ll find a simple form to fill out. Enter your basic information, such as your name, email address, and any additional details required to create your account.


  • 3. Enter Your Discount Code – We’re giving new subscribers a fantastic discount as a special welcome offer.


  • Use the code EARLY3MONTHS at checkout to enjoy your first three months for just 5€/month! Remember, this limited-time offer expires on September 1st, so don’t wait too long.


  • 4. Complete Your Payment – Follow the link to our secure payment gateway. Here, you can enter your payment information and apply the discount code to avail of the reduced price. Confirm your details and proceed with the transaction.


  • 5. Confirmation & Access – Once your payment is processed, wait for a confirmation email with your login details. Log in to your account to start exploring immediately!


We’re excited to have you join our community of curious and motivated learners!


Getting Started with our Online Learning Platform

Our Online Learning Platform is where you’ll spend time learning with us. That is where you’ll find all the academic, wellbeing, and future readiness courses and resources to help you in your learning journey. 


Once you get access via email, you will set up your account on the platform, where you will automatically have access to all the available courses included in the subscription learning model. 


At first glance, this is what your dashboard looks like. 



Your dashboard presents a colourful array of courses you’re enrolled in, each represented by a unique icon that gives a hint about the subject.


  • Progress Bars: Below each course title, a progress bar shows how far you’ve come in the course. It’s a quick visual cue to motivate you and help you track your journey.


  • Play Button: When you’re ready to dive back in, the play button on each course card is your gateway to learning. One click, and you’re back to expanding your mind.


  • Course Variety: Whether it’s “Leading Your Life,” diving into the past with “History,” or exploring societal structures in “Sociology,” your courses are laid out in a clean grid that’s easy to navigate.


Sidebar for Easy Navigation

The sidebar is your personal navigation tool. With clear labels, you can quickly move between different sections of the platform, from browsing additional courses to checking in on upcoming assignments.


  • Assignments and Reports: The ‘Assignments’ and ‘Reports’ sections will keep you organised when assessing your understanding or tracking your grades and scoring.


  • Notifications: Keep an eye on the ‘Notifications’ bell to stay updated on new course releases, community events, or messages from fellow learners.


Streamlined, User-Friendly Design

The dashboard design is all about simplicity and ease of use, so you can spend more time learning and less time figuring out where everything is.


Why we love it 


“ As someone who’s always been curious and eager to learn, Spark’s Unlimited Learning Subscription has been a total game-changer for me. I love the freedom to explore courses that catch my interest without worrying about schedules or deadlines. It’s like having a personal library of knowledge that I can access anytime, anywhere. The self-paced learning really suits my busy lifestyle, and I’ve been able to delve deeper into topics we only touched on in school. Spark is a great resource for learning!”


Diana, Spark Generation Unlimited Subscriberspark generation student 


“When we decided to homeschool our daughter, our biggest concern was finding resources that were comprehensive yet flexible enough to fit into our educational approach. Spark Generation’s Unlimited Learning Subscription has filled that gap beautifully. My daughter loves the variety of courses offered, and it’s been incredible to see her take charge of her education, exploring subjects I never thought she’d be interested in. The subscription has enriched her learning journey beyond what we could provide on our own, and the affordable price point is what makes it even better!”


spark generation parentDavid, parent of a Spark Generation Unlimited Subscriber


Ready to Start Your Learning Journey?

Embarking on an adventure of learning has never been easier. The Spark Unlimited Learning Subscription is your ticket to exploring a universe of knowledge that awaits your curiosity and dedication.


Think of the subjects that excite you, the skills you want to master, and the understanding you wish to gain. Whether you’re an early riser or a night owl, our platform is ready when you are, fitting education seamlessly into your life.


No more wondering about the paths you could take. With Spark, you can travel down any educational road you choose at any time that suits you. Our subscription is an invitation to allow learning to happen on your terms and at your pace.


Click here to start your unique learning journey with Spark Generation.

The journey of a lifetime doesn’t follow a set schedule—it starts when you decide it’s time. 



FAQs: Unlimited Learning Subscription


  • 1. Can I access all courses within the Spark Unlimited Learning Subscription?

Your subscription unlocks access to most of our courses, allowing you to explore various subjects, from core academic topics to specialised fields. 


However, some courses are not included in the Unlimited Learning Subscription package, such as Sexual Education or Impact Entrepreneurship


Please contact us if you want to check whether a subject (or subject level) is included in your subscription package. 


  • 2. How do I sign up for the Spark Unlimited Learning Subscription?

Signing up is easy! Visit our subscription page, fill out the form with your details, enter the discount code EARLY3MONTHS at checkout, and complete your payment.


You’ll receive a confirmation email with your login details shortly after. Response time may vary – please be patient as we’re trying to make quality education universally accessible.


  • 3. Is there a deadline for the special discount?

Yes, there is. Our offer gives you access to the three months of subscription for only 5€/month (instead of 10€/month) if you sign up using the discount code EARLY3MONTHS.


Make sure to subscribe before September 1st 2024, to take advantage of this limited-time deal!


  • 4. Can the subscription be integrated with my existing schooling or homeschooling curriculum?

Definitely. The subscription is designed to complement your current studies, whether you’re supplementing school or directing your homeschooling. 


With self-paced learning, you can tailor your educational experience to align perfectly with your educational goals.