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Why Should I take an Impact Entrepreneurship Course?

Studies show that newer generations are lacking skills in Financial Literacy. What does this mean? It means that even though they might graduate with straight As in English Lit., Chemistry, or even Physics, if they ever want to open their own business, they will probably start from 0. Our Impact Entrepreneurship course is looking to fix that, as well as to teach young students about change-making as ways to have a positive impact on complex issues that surround them.

Sparking Change: Introducing Impact Entrepreneurship at Spark Hybrid High School


At Spark, we’re always looking for ways to keep our Curriculum unique and future-ready, and our new Impact Entrepreneurship course is a clear example of that.


Let’s discover together how this course could come in handy for high school students who are interested in social impact and entrepreneurship. 




What is Impact Entrepreneurship?

Impact Entrepreneurship is a tool to help young entrepreneurs create businesses, taking into account their sustainability and social impact. 


Basically, it is an initiative to provide a helping hand for new businesses to bring in not just profit but also social and environmental returns.


Impact entrepreneurs are helping solve problems, raise awareness over issues, and they are constantly looking for ways to engage their business in opportunities that can benefit the overall wellbeing of their communities (and not only). 


This sets them apart from entrepreneurs who are only starting businesses for personal gain.


Why Impact Entrepreneurship Matters


In today’s competitive world, the race to excel often overshadows the importance of community well-being. 


From childhood achievements to business success, the focus tends to lean heavily on personal gain most of the times.


However, Impact Entrepreneurship redefines success by integrating a common goal: benefiting society and the environment


It sets a foundation for an ideal world where entrepreneurs prioritise the greater good of their communities. Embracing Impact Entrepreneurship doesn’t mean everyone must pursue it as a career path. 


It’s about fostering a strong sense of community and the desire to make a difference. 


This course can help you in your journey if you want to:


  • Develop a profound sense of purpose
  • Encourage creativity and innovative thinking
  • Cultivate essential life skills
  • Engage directly with real-world issues


And remember, Impact Entrepreneurship isn’t just for professionals. It’s a mindset that anyone passionate about community wellbeing can adopt to effect positive change.


What Sets Impact Entrepreneurship Apart


👉Focus on social and environmental impact

In the new Impact Entrepreneurship course, we prioritise more than just business success. 


We emphasise the positive influence students can have on society and the environment. 

the figure of impact entrepreneurship

The curriculum is crafted to help students develop a deep sense of responsibility, encouraging them to think beyond profits and consider the broader impact of their entrepreneurial ventures. 


Through case studies and projects, students explore how businesses can be a force for good, addressing pressing social and environmental issues.


👉Practical and hands-on learning experiences

Unlike traditional courses, Impact Entrepreneurship goes beyond theoretical concepts. 


Students actively engage in hands-on learning experiences that simulate real-world entrepreneurial challenges. From developing mock business plans to executing social impact projects, the course is designed to bridge the gap between theory and practice. 


👉Collaboration and teamwork

Impact Entrepreneurship recognises the importance of collaboration. 


Through collaborative projects and group activities, students learn to work effectively in teams, learning diverse skills and perspectives from each other. 


This emphasis on teamwork not only mirrors the reality of entrepreneurial ventures but also fosters a collaborative mindset essential for addressing complex social challenges.


Course Curriculum

Summary of the course content:


The course is about impact entrepreneurship and change-making as ways to have a positive impact on complex issues


  • aimed at young people between 13-18 interested in social impact and entrepreneurship


  • meant to help students understand impact entrepreneurship and how they can apply it in their own lives to drive meaningful change in their communities.

Areas of study:

  1. The basics of business
  2. Knowing yourself
  3. Knowing the playing field
  4. Building your business case
  5. Creating the business
  6. Making impact
  7. From dreams to reality


Benefits for High School Students

Building a strong foundation for future endeavours 🧳 

The course cultivates an entrepreneurial mindset, teaching students to identify opportunities, think critically, and take initiative. These foundational skills extend beyond the classroom, empowering students to approach challenges with creativity and resilience in various aspects of their lives.


Standout experiences for college applications

Admissions officers value applicants who demonstrate a commitment to making a positive impact, and this course offers tangible evidence of a student’s dedication to social responsibility and entrepreneurship. 


It becomes a distinguishing factor that sets students apart in the competitive college admissions process.


Inspiration for Future Impact Entrepreneurs

Beyond academic and career benefits, the Impact Entrepreneurship course inspires students to become agents of positive change in their communities. 


By engaging with real-world social issues and developing solutions, students gain a sense of purpose and the confidence to tackle challenges head-on. 


The course sparks a passion for social entrepreneurship, encouraging students to envision themselves as future leaders committed to making a meaningful impact on society.


How to Enrol

Students can enrol in the Impact Entrepreneurship course at Spark following this link


The fee for the course is 80€ and the course creator is inviting you to enrol with the following message:


Hey you! Yes, you! Are you looking for a way to make this world a little better? And do you sometimes feel uncertain how to go about this? No worries, everyone does. 


Unfortunately, this world is a complicated place with many embedded problems. But it needs people like you to stick to your vision for a better world and dedicate your time and energy to realising this. 


Only this way it can be transformed. 


So if you want to learn how to do this, using the power of entrepreneurship as a tool to realise change, then check out this course about impact entrepreneurship. I promise it will be worth the time.


And if not, you should at least have some fun along the way. Hope to see you soon!”


Meet the Course Creator

impact entrepreneurship course creator

“Hi there, my name is Daniel. Nice to ‘meet’ you!


I’m a relatively young guy that’s been carrying a vision and a hope for a better world for quite a while. 


In that spirit, I challenged myself to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to realise my vision. 


So I studied project and change management focused on sustainable development, started a project organisation for students to work on local sustainability projects, and ran a clothing brand for some years that I co-founded called Ragnarøk Clothing focussed on showcasing how to make clothing in the best way possible. 


Besides that, I worked as a sustainability lead at an impact branding agency in Amsterdam which I still support to help organisations get B Corp certification and I currently work at an organisation doing impact projects. 

quote from Daniel Cohen, course creator

I have come to see the beauty of patience and to appreciate what happens when you dedicate yourself to your vision. 


The incredible amount of fruits your work can bear is amazing. So I am excitedly moving forward, always embracing new opportunities to develop myself and make the world a little better. 


One day, I aim to look back at all the small parts I played in shaping the world I want to live in. I hope you will do the same. “ – Daniel Cohen 


Your next steps in the realm of Impact Entrepreneurship

To sum everything up, it’s clear that this course isn’t merely an educational addition. It’s an opportunity to cultivate a generation of socially conscious leaders.


At Spark Hybrid High School, the introduction of Impact Entrepreneurship signifies our commitment to preparing students for a world where success means not only personal achievements but also the transformative impact they make. 


Whether your aspirations lean towards entrepreneurship or you’re driven by a passion for community wellbeing, Impact Entrepreneurship offers a blueprint to finding your purpose, igniting your creativity, and cultivating vital skills necessary for addressing real-world challenges.


Embrace the spirit of Impact Entrepreneurship, explore initiatives in your community, and take those crucial first steps towards positive change.


Join the Impact Entrepreneurship course at Spark. 💡


Listen to this podcast about how Impact entrepreneurs are purposefully driving progress toward the UN Sustainable Development Goals  🎧.