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The learning environment at Spark

Spark Hybrid International High School is what every student that wants to follow their passions and not miss a course needs. It offers the chance to study at their own pace, the courses that best their needs and their interests.

Spark was born out of a need to help families with high school children during the pandemic. At Spark, we have always tried to find solutions in education ever since Transylvania College was born.

We tried with Transylvania College and now try with Spark International Hybrid High School to make people perceive education as:

1. A path to your development

2. A solution to the global community

3. A means to contribute to society

4. A way to develop your skills

5. An answer to their social needs 

6. A stronger connection between students, parents and school

While the above is what drove us initially, we grow and improve each day. We are an international hybrid high school that wants to help students worldwide access an international curriculum. Spark creates endless possibilities for students to choose their future university and helps them with their career choices.

Our focus is on our student’s academic success and personal growth. We believe that being personally fulfilled will help you in your academic studies.

What does Spark School bring new to students?


Spark school offers the chance to have easier access to British education. Our international academic program focuses on four strands:

1. Academics 

2. Wellbeing

3. Leadership

4. Global Awareness 

These four strands are the basis of our main features that build the Spark innovative learning environment:

Fit for Future Education

Education is more than grades – education is personal and professional development. Making sure your skills, passions and needs are respected and nurtured is what a fit for future education is.


Today’s life offers so much and students want to stay engaged in everything that happens and also continue their studies.  Spark offers you the possibility to do both and make sure your learning path is smooth and you create your own schedule.


In 2022 innovation is very important for education. The present global race of online education that we are currently living in, is what makes us work continuously towards our improvement.

Social Interaction 

At Spark School, we understand that social interaction is just as important as academics. As it can influence the students learning paths we create opportunities for students to feel a part of a community and interact online.

Community Support

Inside Spark community, you can interact with peers, celebrate with colleagues and create bonds with your tutors and mentor.

This is our way of focusing on the student and the needs that appear. What we offer is the chance to develop as a WHOLE. 

We help students choose their curriculum, the best university that fits their needs, and we offer them support in their careers. 

Spark team

At Spark School, you will get the chance to work with teachers, mentors, tutors and parents. All of them are responsible for creating an environment where you as a student feel understood, grow and discover your passions. 

Our teachers have a great experience working with international students, have the right means to offer an online class at the same quality as a face to face class and know how to engage students in the classroom. 


We are certified by the International Council Education Otherwise than at School (ICEOTAS), recognised for the excellent education and the high quality of the teacher’s experience.


Spark School offers the Cambridge International Curriculum. This helps students get their IGCSE exams and the AS and A levels. A level is internationally recognised, and you can choose from universities worldwide if you have this certificate. 

The Cambridge International Curriculum is developed by the University of Cambridge and is a part of the British education system. 

The variety of subjects we offer makes us eligible for everyone. Students have the opportunity to choose from our curriculum the subjects that fit their passions and interests. 


The tech we use is one of the best systems for online education, and it enables students to have high-quality access to the courses, the live sessions, and the registered classes. Moreover, it helps parents see their children’s study path and see where they need help.

Teachers also have a track of each student’s progress and can create a personalised learning path according to the improvements needs. 

Student life at Spark 

More than just learning and becoming fit for the future, our school helps students as a WHOLE. Academics cannot work and have great results without discovering your true self. Thus, our ten competencies help our students grow into global citizens, aware of their mark on the world and aware of the fundamental problems that exist. 

We try to support students by: 

1. Develop their true selves. 

2. Discover what drives them and nurture this. 

3. Become innovative global citizens. 

4. Have the inquisitiveness that will help them grow and learn. 

5. Have the empathy and kindness that will help them understand others needs more and theirs simultaneously.

6. Develop critical thinking that will help them correctly assess any problem.

7. Take on challenges and be responsible for their actions – may it be a success or a failure. 

Parent life at Spark

With us, you will have access to your child’s educational path. The online system helps you see where your child needs help with studying. Our modern technology is perfect for helping you connect with your child and the teachers. Moreover, the curriculum offers a complete core of IGCSE, AS and A-Level courses, and you do not have to worry about changing school once one level is complete. 


Spark School wants to help every student find the spark within. Education can make a difference in each person’s life and prepare them for a successful future. We strongly believe that only through communication, mistakes, discomfort, and friendships can students develop and grow into fulfilled individuals ready to take on the right decisions for their lives. 

We offer a progressive 21st-century education model that answers the needs of today’s students, society and world.