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Boosting Bilingual Skills: CLIL in Math and Language Mastery

Is it a trend, or is it a newly emerging need of students and families? But first of all, what is CLIL? Let’s learn all about content and language-integrated learning while exploring its benefits for students, use cases, and how we approach it at Spark Generation.

When have you last learned a new language? What about A-level maths in a new language? 

Yup, you probably figured it out by now, but CLIL or Content and Language Integrated Learning is the new study model that many young people want to follow.


And why is that? 

In order to gain not only skills related to the subjects they are studying (ex., Maths, science, history) but also language skills while learning these courses in a foreign language or a language that’s not their mother tongue. 


So, basically, getting proficient in 2 domains at the same time. Pretty cool, right? 


How does CLIL work?

CLIL is based on the teaching and learning of the subjects in a language other than the learners’ native tongue.


In other words, what this means for students: 


  • Mastering the language becomes an instrument for comprehending course material
  • Language is incorporated into the broader curriculum
  •  Students are driven to learn the language to communicate when they are engaged in a certain topic
  • Language can be exercised in real-life situations or topics related to the subject where students can improve their use of a foreign language
  • CLIL implies long-term learning. Students become academically skilled in English after 5-7 years


CLIL educational model


Content and Language Integrated Learning at Spark Generation

At Spark Generation, we follow the Cambridge International Curriculum, and the subjects we teach are all available in English. 


That means, to enrol into Spark Generation, students need at least a decent level of English proficiency to keep up with the course material without language being a barrier or blocker to their progress. 


👉See more details regarding our Admission requirements and Process on our Admissions Page.


So, how is it done?

Our curriculum is all about mixing it up:


  • Science in a New Light: Delve into scientific wonders while learning a language – it’s like being a bilingual Einstein 


  • History with a Linguistic Twist: Travel through time and explore historical events, all while mastering a new language


  • Math and Languages: Dive into numbers and equations as you enhance your linguistic skills 


Imagine diving into subjects like biology, physics, or history and simultaneously enhancing your language skills. 


Imagine your tutors & teachers all being proficient in English and helping you in your journey to become an expert in their subject and communication at the same time. 


That’s the dynamic learning environment we offer here at Spark Generation, where every subject is an opportunity for language development!


And why is this a benefit or an interest of students, you ask?


The Benefits of CLIL 

  • Students benefit socially and cognitively from learning two languages


  • Research shows multilingual persons are more adaptable, better problem solvers, and communicators


  • Learning a second language can also boost memory and fight against the effects of ageing on the brain


  • Better comprehension of the target language & mastery of a subject


  • Greater social and critical thinking abilities


  • A stronger, more flexible brain


Can you think of any other benefits that CLIL could have on students? 


CLIL in an Online Learning Environment

The online twist to CLIL at Spark Generation includes:


Flexible Learning Anywhere 

Learn your favourite subject from any corner of the globe while improving your English – at your own pace. Thanks to our Innovative Digital Learning Platform  


Interactive Tools for Engagement

We’re big on digital tools that make learning subjects and languages fun and engaging. Did you know that Interactive Learning can boost academic results in the classroom?


Customised Learning Paths 

Personalised learning journeys to align with the interests and language levels of the students. Because CLIL is all about helping students enjoy learning.


Global Trends in Content and Language-Integrated Learning

CLIL is currently reshaping education worldwide! 


A Finnish study reveals how students thrive in language skills through CLIL and consider that the educational model makes learning more enjoyable. I kind of expected that, did you?


The European Commission also recognises the growing importance of CLIL in creating a diverse, multilingual educational landscape. 


What is your opinion about the importance of learning course content and language simultaneously? Do you find this educational model useful for students or more like overwhelming? 


Bringing It All Back to Spark Generation

At Spark Generation, we’re not just about providing an education. We’re also about creating a learning revolution. 


Our CLIL approach is tailored to the digital ages we’re living in, ensuring that every student learns the subjects they are interested in and enhances their language skills while learning.  


We’re committed to fostering a generation of culturally and linguistically versatile knowledgeable learners ready to take on the world.


Join Us in This Exciting Educational Journey!

Are you ready to be part of this transformative educational experience? 


Whether you’re a student eager to explore new horizons or a parent looking for a comprehensive learning environment for your child, Spark Generation is the place to be. 


Dive into a world where education is not just about learning – it’s about experiencing, growing, and excelling in a globally connected context.


Take the first step towards a brighter future. Explore our programs, connect with our community, and start your journey at Spark Generation today.


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FAQs – CLIL at Spark Generation 

1. How does CLIL benefit high school students in the long term?

CLIL equips high school students with dual expertise – subject knowledge and language proficiency. This holistic skill set is invaluable in today’s globalised environment, offering enhanced career opportunities and cultural understanding to students.


2. Can CLIL be challenging for students not proficient in the language?

Initially, it can be challenging. However, our tailored educational approach ensures that students gradually build language skills alongside their subject learning, supported by our digital tools and expert faculty.


3. How does Spark Generation ensure a balanced focus on 2 subjects, like math and language?

Our curriculum is carefully designed to integrate language learning within subjects like math. We maintain this balance through structured modules, interactive tools, and continuous assessment to ensure equal progress in both areas.