The new generation of powerful teenagers

Spark Generation reveals itself as an innovative and flexible educational system. A digital learning platform enabling a new way of teaching and learning. A place where resilience, motivation, wellbeing, and progress replace stress, frustration and fear. And a place where one will unleash its superpower and find its cape.

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What Makes Us Different

Spark Generation allows you to learn what, when, where and how you like.

Holistic Development

Beyond academics, we prepare you to be future-ready, and that’s why your personal development is as important as your professional one. Our holistic approach helps you prepare to become a well-rounded individual.

University Admissions

Spark guides each student to discover the university that best fits their passions, potential, and future career.

Students build a portfolio and achieve results through the Four Strands: Academics, Wellbeing, Global Awareness, and Leadership.

Personalised Learning

There is no typical day at Spark. Each student is unique, so we want to embrace your needs and offer you the possibility to customise your learning while focusing on your passion. You have the flexibility to choose what Cambridge subjects to learn, and how much time you spend on your high school education.


Cambridge International Accreditation

Spark Generation is a registered Cambridge International School. There are over 10,000 Cambridge Schools registered in over 160 countries worldwide and Cambridge International Certificates are recognised by top Universities.

Our partners

We owe our success to the amazing support and collaboration of our valued partners

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About Us

Discover our team and learn why we’re different

Educational Model

Be part of a global community that focuses both on academic success and personal growth

Admissions Process

Admissions are currently open for students aged 14+ on a rolling basis

Why Choose Spark Generation

As a Student, why should I choose Spark Generation?

Studying in a global community offers you the freedom to choose your educational path, follow it at your own pace while working with international students. Our program provides a safe and stable environment for your academic needs, as well as social and emotional, and mental well-being. Get access to high-quality International Education wherever you are in the world.

Why Choose Spark Generation

As a Parent, what do I need to know?

Our International Curriculum Program offers a complete core of IGCSE, AS, and A-Level courses. 

Spark Generation aims to create a world-class Next Generation Digital Learning Environment (NGDLE) that leverages modern technologies to connect teachers, students, and parents in a new, hybrid and integrated experience. Our carefully selected teachers are specialised in leveraging blended learning experiences.

Why Choose Spark Generation

As a Teacher, what do I need to know?

At Spark Generation, your passion for education can break the physical boundaries of traditional schools. You can join our community from any place you are currently located in the entire world and use your experience to teach or mentor teenagers and young adults.

Frequently Asked Questions

You are looking for a personalised educational program.

You are a professional sports player.

You want to learn at your own pace while being part of an international community.

You want to enrich your high school experience while being a part of the traditional school system.

You want to study at a top university, but do not have all the academic resources.

You want access to curated, adapted and accredited content from great international schools.

You want to attend an affordable educational program that otherwise you would not have access to due to your location, health conditions, or need to travel.

Building on the know-how and vast experience of Transylvania College, through our networks, we will provide content from the best international schools in the world.

Spark Generation offers an innovative and flexible alternative for students aged 13 to 19.

The unique opportunity offered by SPARK enables the students to fully embrace the culture and ethos of a shared learning environment. Most online school platforms provide only academic opportunities, Spark Generation’s philosophy of a four-stranded education model (academics, leadership, wellbeing, and global awareness) will provide holistic development in a real sense. Further to this, students accessing courses remotely will have the opportunity to meet in person for hybrid learning opportunities with their course leaders and teachers, utilizing local learning hubs. Mentoring for students will also be offered.



Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge International AS and A-Level Curriculum are accepted by the world’s best universities across the world. Cambridge qualifications are accepted in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany and more.

Enrollment is open throughout the year, just get in contact with our admission team: