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Spark Generation at COBIS 42nd annual conference

Louder Than Words

In line with the conference theme of this year, “Louder Than Words”, and as a follow-up to last year’s “Leading Learning for a New Paradigm” topic, Spark Generation will be at COBIS, eager to connect with potential partners who can contribute to our shared goal of innovating education. 

If last year’s conference was about discovering new ways and methods to develop education that prepares young people for the future, this year’s conference is about taking action and making it happen. 

How can Spark Generation help schools in making that happen? 

By making quality education accessible to high school students worldwide.



And get your school into an international network of schools that will never stop growing.

The prize: 

🏆 3x  Spark Generation For Schools Memberships for 1 Academic Year 


*Schools participating in the raffle must be secondary schools or have ongoing high school classes or programs in their school. Spark Generation is currently only available for high school level. 

Read the official Giveaway Regulations here.

Spark Generation

For Schools

We are the ideal partner for schools that want to open their doors to unlimited learning opportunities and endless growth. 


Once your school is in the Spark Generation international school network, every learning material available in the Spark Generation online Learning Platform will be available to your students & school, as our goal is to make quality education available to students everywhere in the world. 


We never stop growing, and neither should your school.

Enrol your school for a FREE trial until September 1st, 2024

With no strings attached

Blended Online Learning Models


  • • Schools need to adapt to diverse learning preferences and schedules

  • We offer: a hybrid between traditional teaching and online learning, enhancing flexibility and personalisation.

Wellbeing & Future Readiness Framework


  • • Students need emotional support and an environment that equips them with future-ready skills

  • We offer: access to a future-ready, ever-evolving curriculum, focusing on the wellbeing of our students

Data-driven insights



  • • Teachers need to understand the progress of their students


  • We offer: help in tracking student performance and identifying areas where students need more support.

What courses

Will I be adding to my curriculum?

Through Spark Generation, you will be adopting the Cambridge International Curriculum in your school.

Our selection of IGCSE and A Level courses will be available to your students, who will also get access to some courses and services related to their & future readiness. 


Spark Generation

Besides being the greatest educational platform for high schoolers, we are also a B2B SaaS marketplace for schools, delivering personalised learning and teaching solutions to students and teachers.


Our Online learning platform has more than 55 academic, wellbeing and future readiness courses, with features that create a unique experience between the students, teachers, and the platform – benefits such as Virtual Assistants, Adaptive Assessments, and Automated Grading for the involved stakeholders.


Our innovative educational solution is here to analyse students’ learning patterns and preferences to deliver personalised learning experiences, adapting content and pacing to the individual needs of the students.

Want to see the Magic happen live?

Request a demo

Our team is happy to meet with you and provide a short walkthrough of our online learning platform. 


Please fill out the form below, and at the end of the form, make sure you check the “YES” checkbox for the question “Do you want a platform walkthrough?”. A member of our team will contact you to set up an online meeting.

Our Superpower

To help schools stay relevant

Spark Generation is your partner. Our Expert Academics team continuously researches the market for skills that are in demand now and in the future and adapts our online courses. Your School will be able to outgrow its boundaries, delivering more with lower budgets.


We’re excited to be part of a generation with the same goal of creating a real change in Education. 

Let’s create that change together!

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