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How online education bridges the learning gap

“eLearning shouldn’t be a casual joy ride on a Sunday afternoon with the cruise control engaged. The sole purpose of eLearning is to teach.”
Christopher Palm

Online education is the choice many young people make when they realise the pandemic is an on-off kind of thing, postponing and interrupting their studies. 

While online learning was not that well-received, it does more good than harm nowadays. It allows students to have a more efficient learning experience. 

We live in a fast world, and using your time in a quality manner is essential.

Thus, online learning helps us be more efficient as far as time and information are concerned. 

It is an excellent tool for young people to love education. 

Technology arose as an opportunity for students to feel connected and be connected anytime they want. 



Online education is a type of education that offers excellent flexibility to each person that takes it. This type of education is done through the internet, and it allows the students to study whenever they feel like it and come back to the courses every time they need a refresh. 

More than just learning, it also helps young people develop technical skills.

A learning gap usually refers to what the student is expected to have learned at a certain studying level compared to what he learned up to that point. 

Characteristics of online education

1. Connects to a wider community if young people of the same age

2. Fades geographical boundaries

3. Develops self-consciousness and responsibility

Along with the characteristics of online learning, it facilitates many education-related things. 


Online education bridges the learning gap through

1. Creates a virtual learning space where students can communicate and interact, share ideas and receive feedback.

Sometimes the online environment is more accessible, can be a real-time event like an online chat platform or any social media platform. 

There is no time concern or physical location when connecting and sharing ideas and feedback with your colleagues or mentor. 

2. It is all about engagement, as when students feel engaged, they think they can create their learning path and shape their future careers, making them more responsible for studying and decision-making.

Online learning now can offer students the opportunity to ask questions when they need help, seek information, pursue more than given and make a choice.

Moreover, students feel they get more individual attention as the 1:1 classes allow the tutors to answer all their questions. 

3. Accessibility of content. With just a click to access the content and the explanations as many times as you want.

We know that each of us is different, and our degree of digesting information differs. This is why learning at your own pace is a great online learning opportunity. 

4. Affordable learning as students can learn from anywhere, at any time. There is no need for commuting and other needy things. 

5. Convenient schedule

6. Many resources to study online are available, and some of the most used ones are



Recorded lectures.


Discussion forums.

Live Q&A sessions.

The above help you learn and make the most out of your classes.

7. Availability of a quality assessment

There is no reason to think that online study does not offer the same quality and thorough assessment as the traditional one. The evaluation for online education consists of 

Individual assignments are something that students usually do at their traditional learning courses as well. 

As the course instructor gives you a topic for debate and some other students enrolled in the same class, you will discuss the subject. This is done to show your understanding and knowledge of the subject. Discussion activities will help you get the most of your learning. 

Journal activities are specific to online learning, and they help the course teacher see where you are, where have you arrived with your knowledge and where you need help. They usually are not graded but are a great way to see our level of understanding. 

Exams are necessary to pass any level of education. While they can be open-book or open-note, some teachers may also choose to have an examination in the form of an assignment. 


Is there a genuine concern to deal with regarding online learning?


Face-to-face interactions with peers and receiving detailed feedback can be a concern. But if you embrace online learning, you will also welcome the fact that face-to-face interactions with teachers can also be done through video and other social media channels. And sometimes, this informal type of communication can help create a stronger bond between you can your tutor. 

As far as the focus and the schedule, while at first may seem harder, in time, it will prove to have had good benefits for your future. 


Hybrid learning at Spark School


Spark School is an excellent option for your online education.

What it offers is a type of hybrid learning that combines online learning with e-learning and with face to face classes. 

Our teachers are prepared to offer high-quality courses designed especially for online learning. We have the 1:1 tutor meetings and Live Assemblies that make it easier for any student to get in touch with their peers and their colleagues. 



Online education is an option accessible to almost anyone in the world. 

Some parts of the world still do not have an internet connection or hardware for online classes. But in this globalised world, the above can be solved. We must bear in mind that learning gaps can exist no matter the education type you choose. Online education is by far to blame for any learning gaps a student may suffer. The student’s engagement and interest in learning can be higher as far as online education is concerned. 

And the teacher’s interest in each student will also be higher.

The curriculum will also focus on being more accessible and easier to understand. 

However, what cannot be solved is the availability of each young student. There will always be those that prefer the traditional education system to the online one. And it is ok. Any education system that fits your needs is ok. 

The most important thing as far as education is concerned is to get the most out of it and to help you grow.