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How does your New Year’s education resolution list look like?

Unplug - this resolution is very important to keep your mental wellbeing.

It’s December and with the close of 2021 and the arrival of 2022, thinking of ways to motivate you through the new year is a great idea.  

Resolutions list are for everyone from small to big, from children to adults. While young children may need some help with starting their resolution list for the next year, students may feel ready to shape it and have a path towards their next year’s education.

In one of our team meetings, I heard from a mum,  that, young children work best when they have a schedule, when they know what to expect, despite the online learning program some may follow, organizing their lessons, and their tasks helps them stay focused. 

About New Year’s education resolution list

A New Year’s education resolution list usually focuses on areas you want to improve, where you feel the need to grow, areas of interest, and you want to start learning about them. 

Before starting the list, you must think of what is important to you next year, how you see your school year, and how you relate it to your personal life and future goals. 

When you start to think about it, you may have a bunch of new resolutions you want to tick, but choosing too many might seem an extra burden for your everyday tasks. Thus, make sure you select a few that can encompass your general wishes and views on your new education year.

Like everything else, using the SMART chart can ease your New Year’s resolution plan. 

While it sounds kind of formal, being SMART is not only for work. It is for any plans you make throughout your life starting with education.

Thus, each of the New Year’s resolutions for your education should be 


It is important for the resolutions to be as specific as possible as the clarity of each can help you attain it. For this you have to have an ending point to it as in – take my A class exam/I will enrich my mind with an extra subject/ passion/ community.


A quantifiable resolution helps you make the most of it. You can choose to look through the assignment twice before handing it over/ 


Expand your network by engaging with teachers, tutors, friends, colleagues.


Any goal you set should be in accordance with what you can achieve and with what you have at your disposal. Be a better citizen by donating, volunteering


Having a course – schedule/ 

Why a list?

A list of resolutions helps you have a clear view of the things you actually want – not the things that you must do. 

And from then, you can see how your education life responds to your desires or whether it is only a must on your checklist. Finding that some educational areas are not of interest to you but are a must, can help you make a shift in your educational curriculum. 

But this is another step.

Now just let’s see how else can a list help you have a successful new year education. 

A list can begin with general concepts and then go to specifics and measurable. 

As for your education resolution list you can choose from

1. I will enrol in Global Awareness classes to know how to get involved in helping the world. This will create a stronger sense of belonging and make you useful. 

2. Open the communication lines with my teachers and ask them whenever you have a misunderstanding. 

3. Improve my organizing skills. Better organizing is sure to ease your life more than just your learning and educational program.

4. Read 5 books in the year to come. Reading will improve both your knowledge and your focus. It will also contribute to your well-being if you choose some relaxing reading. 

5. Improve your sleep schedule. Sleep is important for everyone especially young adults that face many shifting hormones and affect their sleep quality. As a student having a sleeping schedule is necessary to make sure you get enough rest. 

6. Have healthier eating habits as eating affects your life and it can boost your mood or out of the contrary. A healthy eating habit can also make you focus better and learn faster. 

7. Complete each assignment on time. Checking each assignment at its own time is a great way to not have a pile of homework to do. 

8. Improve the school-life balance. While focusing on the courses is not a bad thing, having a balance between the two will surely help you with your studies. And moreover, it will help you not feel that school has taken over your life. 

9. Focus on your mental and physical health. This can also be done inside the school hours as there are many schools out there focusing on wellbeing now, as well as outside the school hours like exercising, going outdoors, meditating and any other activities that do good for your mental and physical wellbeing. “Practicing gratitude can help to make you feel more outwardly compassionate and more inwardly positive and satisfied. According to a Harvard medical study, it can even improve your physical health.”

10. Unplug – this resolution is very important to keep your mental wellbeing. Technology is good and it helps us reach and learn things faster, easier, more cost-effective but too much scrolling has shown that negatively affects us and leads to isolation, depression, no sense of belonging. Thinking of SMART you can “A few tips include disabling notifications, leaving your phone behind when you go to bed for the night, and even removing one or more social media apps from your phone altogether.”

New Year’s resolution education list stick tips:

Sticking to your New Year’s resolution list can seem hard, especially for a young person that knows no one can actually keep him/her accountable for this. But, isn’t it all about taking on the responsibility to prepare for your adult life?

I am sure that when you think of it, you want to be seen as a young responsible person that can take on any plan you make. However, even adults sometimes find it difficult to stick to the plans so having some tips that can help you stick to your New Year’s resolution list can help. 

If you want to stick to your list make sure you make your resolutions

– Meaningful that can really make a difference to your education path.

– Visible as in a reminder from time to time helps you keep track of them.

– Visible – sticking them literally on your laptop, school notebook or any daily thing you use

There even are apps that can help you track your New Year’s education resolutions, but since less time in front of gadgets is a great way to improve your wellbeing, stick to the above tips and you will surely achieve your goals. 


What matters as far as the education resolutions for your next year is not how many they are, is how much they can help you in your future learning path.