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Meet Dragos Chis, the Deputy Head of Spark School

“I became a teacher because I wanted to be there for children in a way I would have wanted someone to be there for me. I believe in Spark because we genuinely care about the students, and we give them the flexibility to focus on whatever they need to so they can thrive.”

Dragos Chis joined the Spark team at the end of June 2023. As a passionate Deputy Head of the School, he believes in giving students the chance to pursue their passions and find their own identity. With a commitment to fostering a better future, he aims to empower students to take control of their own learning journeys, guiding them towards a fulfilling and successful adulthood.

We wanted to learn more about who Dragos is – as a person and Deputy Head of Spark. His story did not disappoint, and we invite you all to give it a read and get inspired.


Q: Dragos Chis, who are you – in and out of Spark School? 

A: That’s not a simple question to answer. Our identity is so important and very personal, so even if I can name my roles, labels and what they represent for me, I’m not sure it would really offer much insight into who I am. So I think it’s better to just share with you a little bit about how I see the world.


In Spark, I hope to bring about change and creativity. I dream of finding a solution for all of those students who want a different educational experience than most of us have had growing up. We want to ensure that all children are well by the time they finish high school. I never had that chance. So I had to become the adult who put in the work so that they could find peace and fulfilment. 


That is what I want to do – to help our students find their peace and pursue their dreams. I want them to feel like they are supported to be whoever they want to be. They need to be given a chance to thrive, so we’re here to push them and to believe in them until they believe in themselves.


And that’s who I am outside of Spark too. I try to push others to find their peace and make good choices so their inner child can one day have their dreams come true.


Q: How did your journey at Spark begin? What got you interested in being part of the Spark team? 

A: I believe it’s essential to give meaning to what you do. I became a teacher because I wanted to be there for children in a way I would have wanted someone to be there for me. I believe in Spark because we genuinely care about the students and give them the flexibility to focus on whatever they need so they can thrive.


Q: How is Spark different from any other school? 

A: One word – Hope. There are so many other schools and systems out there. I would have liked to be given the chance to pursue my passions and to understand who I was. That is what Spark is here for. It’s hope for a better future.


Q: What is the learning process like, for students at Spark? 

A: It’s certainly different from what most people expect. It’s all about teaching students that they don’t need to wait until they finish university to take control of their lives. They are taught that they have agency and responsibility over their journey. That they are capable and don’t need everyone to hold their hands every step of the way. They take control of their learning and make their choices. In the end, it’s going to be so much more valuable than traditional teaching. They will start their adulthood by being equipped with skills that allow them to become effective, healthy individuals who are already capable of making good choices for themselves.


Q: What can you tell me about the Wellbeing process that’s in place at Spark?

A: I think I’ve already answered this question. Spark doesn’t simply aim to prepare students academically. We know that when parents think of the best future for their children, they want them to be healthy, happy and inspired. Wellbeing seeps into all aspects of Spark. We envision a bright future for every single student, and we do our best to try to offer them as much as possible so that they can embrace it as their destiny. 


Q: Did being a part of Spark impact your personal life? Did it “change” you in any way? 

A: I became devoted to Spark ever since the very first day. It lit up my own ‘spark’, and I felt motivated and excited. I felt like I could be creative. That I could change the world (and I still do). We are ambitious people, all working towards a big dream. And for the first time in a long time, I felt that I was meant to find Spark. I was meant to make a difference, and this is how I was going to do it.


Q: What makes your experience at Spark unique and worthy?

A: I think what makes it unique is how universal it is for everyone to feel as strongly about Spark as I do. I see my colleagues who fervently believe in what we are trying to achieve. How mindful and accepting we are of our humanity and our mistakes. We are a team of people who are committed to bettering themselves and striving to offer the opportunity to others to do the same. And that’s what we want for tomorrow’s generation as well.


Q: How would you describe Spark to your close relatives or friends? 

A: I think I’ve described it as a dream. But it’s more than that. It’s a reality. A revolution. It’s the future. And I am thankful to be part of it. 


Q: Do you see Spark as being part of your professional future? 

A: Absolutely. With Spark – the sky’s the limit. It will continue to grow and inspire me to go even further. I joined Spark because I wanted a challenge. We can always be more than just a Spark – this is only the beginning for me.


Q: Where do you see yourself working in a parallel universe if Spark didn’t exist?

A: Well, I think I would have focused more on my passion. I love drawing and illustration, and I dream of one day publishing children’s books. This dream may still be part of this universe, maybe just a bit further down the line.


Q: Are there any changes you would like to bring to Spark? 

A: Yes. Many of them. For now, I’m focusing on ensuring the quality of the Academics part as Deputy Head of the school and ensuring that students get the best education possible. But in the future, I want to make sure it’s even more straightforward for our students to tailor their educational needs to their dreams. 


I want them to be inspired about their lives after high school and to get a head start in life by understanding what is meaningful to them. To support them by encouraging them to pursue their passions. I want to offer them many opportunities and pathways so that they can have everything they need.


Q: What would you like to say to all the families who are not sure if Spark is the right choice for them?

A: I’d encourage them to give it a shot. Spark’s flexibility meets everyone’s needs, and our commitment to providing support means there’s always a solution, even if things don’t work out exactly as expected.


Q: One funny thing about you that your colleagues and students don’t know

A: I speak Romanian, English, French, Japanese and Italian. And there’s a certain irony to working at Spark because, even though we are a high school that focuses its teaching and processes around technology, I am trying to live off the grid and disconnect from technology as often as possible.


Q: Anything else you would like to tell the World? 

A: I wish everyone had something to believe in as strongly as I believe in Spark. At the end of the day, there are people behind Spark, like me, who have so much joy and hope for the future. We are people just like everyone else, who want to see children thrive and have what we couldn’t. I want to see more joy in their smiles when they discover that there is so much hope for the future. So if you believe in Spark, you believe in them.

Dragos described the Spark experience as raw and authentic as he finds it daily. Through his honest words, we are able to get a glimpse of his dreams and ambitions in Spark, but also the common goal that everyone at Spark is working towards. 


Spark is a whole new academic world, different from anything we are used to. It brings together innovation and personalised learning experiences with one goal in mind. To make high school enjoyable and safe for students everywhere.


Dragos is just one of the fantastic people behind Spark. We can’t wait for you to meet more inspiring people from the team that revolutionises high school education day by day.

Until then, if you want some academic guidance from Dragos or want to be part of a school with purpose, don’t forget that we currently offer 15% off on any tuition fees or individual courses through August. Apply today!