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How to apply for a Spark Scholarship

We already talked about the significance of scholarships in high school and all the benefits they come with for the students and their families. But what is the secret to submitting a successful application? How do you actually get the scholarships that you apply for? Keep reading for a helpful guide on how to apply for (and maybe win) a Spark Scholarship!

Spark Scholarships

If you started reading this article, that means that you already know what we’re talking about. Spark School is offering 10 Scholarships to 10 ambitious students who want to go through high school following their own flexible learning path, with the support of experienced tutors and Learning Journey Advisors. 


Who can apply?

The Spark Scholarships are open to all international students who finished at least Year 9 and need to embark on a flexible journey.


Steps for a Successful Scholarship Application

Preparation before Action  

Whenever a wonderful opportunity like a scholarship appears in front of us, we are tempted to jump right at it and fill it in as quickly as possible. We want to make sure we’re among the first ones on the list. Right? 


However, if we want our application to be successful, the first thing we should do is sit down and think it through. What qualifies me for this scholarship? How would this help me in achieving my goals? Where could I do my research to maximise my chances of success? Well, you actually did the first step if you are reading this.


But, it’s also important to not fall into the trap of procrastination. Yes, we should take some time to think it over, but we should also be mindful of the deadline. 


Sending in applications late is already a red flag for the evaluators. Besides, it’s not even sure that the application will be accepted if it does not respect the deadline. So take your time, but also manage it wisely and submit the applications on time. 



When it comes to the requirements section, each scholarship application can be different. However, you can expect each application to ask about your ambition and motivation. After all, they want to know what makes you the best candidate for receiving the scholarship. 


For the Spark Scholarships, the requirements are:


1. filling in a form with your personal information 


2. creating and uploading a video where you talk about your Spark (=passion, ambition, motivation) and the reason for which you would like to receive this scholarship


3. uploading a language certification proof – minimum B2 level – that can be either a transcript from an international school, a language test certificate, or if there isn’t anything the students can take a language test with us to find out their level of English. For help with this, contact us at


As an optional step, there is also Participation in one of the Spark Open days organised by Spark. These are meet & greet sessions where students and families can get a presentation of the Spark product. This is also a great chance for them to ask questions live from the attending students or staff. 


How to Create a Great Video Application 

If your scholarship requirements include a video, there are a couple of things that you should take into consideration. 


Planning – You have to plan your “speech” and repeat it a couple of times to put some life into it. If you are a nervous person, you can also read the “speech” you prepared for the video. Keep in mind, you should try and be present there and “engage” with the audience who is going to review your application later on. 


Gadgets – You don’t need a fancy camera to create a video. You can use your phone, your laptop webcam, or anything that has a feature to record sound and images and looks decent will do. 


Light and Background – Even though it might seem like it does not matter, a good setting makes a video more pleasant without even realizing it. Try and find a spot with good lighting, and a pleasant background – nothing too crowded or messy. 


Take it Seriously – Don’t submit a random link just to get through the form requirements. If the scholarship requires a video as part of the application, make sure you create and submit it. Otherwise, your application might not get taken into consideration, even if the rest of the info is brilliant. 


Optional Steps – Are they Really Optional?

Spark has an optional step in the application process – which is “participation in one of the Spark Open Day events” organised by the school. Now, would it be wise to attend?


Any opportunity not taken is a wasted opportunity. Even if participating in the Open Day events will not guarantee anyone that they will automatically receive a scholarship just for participating – it still matters. 


First, it is a chance to learn more about the school you are looking to attend. Second, you get to interact live with staff and/or students from Spark and get an answer to all your questions. 


Last but not least, they will remember you. As we all know, a first impression is important. And if we do it right, it might set us up for future success. 


Thus, even if this is not taken into consideration as an official step that students applying for a scholarship need to meet, it is still a great opportunity for students to participate in them. Find them on our website and in our social media announcements!


Important Things to Keep in Mind

The scholarship covers between 30% and 100% of tuition for all four years of high school, and the Scholarship Committee will determine the value for each student.


Scholarships are awarded for the entire High School (four years) with regular yearly re-evaluations to make sure both parties comply with the agreed terms.


Scholars are expected to act as role models and ambassadors for Spark School and might be asked to interact with visitors and prospective families, special guests, mentors, and supporters of the programme, new Spark students, help with advertisement purposes, etc.


The deadline for submitting all applications is July 31 and we urge everyone to submit their applications until then! 


Make sure to follow our social media accounts to keep up with the Scholarship updates and best of luck to all the applicants!