Spark Bridge To University

Calling all Independent, Daring, Unstoppable teenagers on a quest to shape their extraordinary future! 🚀 Welcome to Spark Generation’s Bridge to University programme, where we align your superpower with your dream education.

If you:

  • • aspire to conquer the academic realm and earn certifications with super flair
  • • seek superhero tutoring to triumph over exams and challenges
  • • crave a self-paced, dynamic learning experience like never before
  • • dream beyond the boundaries of your local high school curriculum
  • • desire a support system for your well-being and expert guidance for your future journey

Then our Bridge to University Learning package is for you!




Tailor your education to match your strengths and goals and embark on a learning adventure with Spark Generation, where flexibility meets your unique spark. Choose the courses that spark your curiosity, set your own learning schedule, and break free from location constraints. Our online platform ensures an interactive and personalized journey, empowering you to learn whenever and wherever you choose, while setting your own learning schedule. Your education, your way!

Future Readiness

At Spark Generation, we’re here to support your aspirations and make your career dreams a reality through our Future Readiness core strand. Dive into subjects that extend beyond the ordinary high school curriculum – from the realms of Entrepreneurship & Business to the exciting domains of Digital and Technology. Our Cambridge courses are crafted to equip you with the skills and knowledge essential to excel in your chosen career path. With Spark Generation, you gain a competitive advantage that can align perfectly with your dreams.


Embark on a transformative journey through adolescence, where we are dedicated to arming you with the tools to overcome every challenge. At Spark Generation, our mission goes beyond academic excellence – we’re committed to your holistic development. Our Wellbeing strand is carefully crafted to nurture your emotional and mental health, ensuring you thrive throughout your high school experience. Together, let’s journey towards emotional wellbeing and personal growth.

What are the Cambridge International Levels?

You can find more about our tuition fees here.

Possible packages

We prepared 3 learning packages based on your needs and the level of involvement you need in your learning journey with us. You can see which one fits you best:

The Independent

Our Independent Learning Package is for teenagers who are self-learners and want to learn something new or a subject more in-depth at their own pace.

You get:
2 AS or A2 Level Subjects without tutor

Make the Most of Your Learning Package!

• Extra Self-Paced Subjects for € 300 each
• Extra Services Available for € 700 each



The Daring

Our Daring Learning Package is especially designed for students who prefer having support in learning.

You get:
2 AS or A2 Level subjects with tutors included

Having a tutor comes with benefits, such as:
• personalised meetings
• extra support
• additional resources to learn from
• a general support system for keeping you motivated and engaged, eager to complete the course you’ve started

Make the Most of Your Learning Package!
• Extra Self-Paced Subjects for € 300 each
• Extra Subjects with tutors for € 1,700 each
• Extra Services Available for € 700 each



The Unstoppable

The Unstoppable Learning Package is the ultimate learning package for students who want an exclusive Spark experience. This learning package combines the academic benefits with components of Wellbeing, help with the University Admission Process and Career Counselling.

You get:
2 AS or A2 Level Subjects with tutors included
• All 3 Support Services

Support Services: University Admission Counselling, Wellbeing Package and Career Package.



Support Services

Support Services are our Specialty at Spark!

Because we want to educate our students not only academically but also as whole human beings, we developed these Support Services that we consider crucial in a teenager’s journey to self-reflection and career planning. 📌

Wellbeing Package

• 24 meetings with a Learning Journey Advisor
• Helping students raise awareness about PAIRS (Purpose, • Autonomy, Identity, Relationships and Self-Design)
• Wellbeing self-paced course
• One wellbeing related self-paced course (from the co-curricular catalog)
• Free participation to wellbeing pop-up events

University Admission Counselling

To help you get into your dream University! 🎯This Service Includes:

• Helping the student & family explore different higher education options
• Filtering and choosing the right University for each student based on their profile & strengths
• 3-4 University recommendations
• Support with the application portfolio (CV, motivation letter, essays, etc.)
• Recommendation letters tips & tricks
• We keep track of and remind you of the application deadline for the universities you decide to apply for
• Helping the student with creating their profile in the different application platforms
• We submit students’ applications to selected universities together with the student (max. 3 universities)

Career Package

We prepare you to pursue any career you envision. 💼

With the Career Package, you have (unlimited) access to growing & learning opportunities through courses and workshops to support your future readiness.

Courses and workshops include

• What is Future Readiness? How can I prepare for it?
• Leading your life
• Find Your Voice
• Inspire Others
• Take Charge
…and more!

3 career coaching sessions to support you in unpacking and connecting your values and beliefs, as well as your North Star in your journey in school and beyond
• You’ll get real-world experience applying what you learn through community projects and other hands-on opportunities
• Get a chance to connect with mentors and professionals through virtual internship opportunities