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The power of Scholarships at Spark

We just launched our new scholarship programme for 2023. And you’ll want to hear about it! Give this blog post a read if you want to learn more about the importance of scholarships in high school, the impact they have on students’ lives, and a live testimonial from one of our Spark scholarship recipients.

The Power of Scholarships

Scholarships are a free ticket to quality education. They hold the key to transforming lives and opening doors that may have otherwise remained closed. They provide more than just financial assistance; they offer hope, opportunity, and a path to success for students. 


With scholarships, students can focus on their studies, explore their passions, and pursue extracurricular activities without the heavy burden of financial stress for their families. 


Scholarships can be awarded based on different criteria such as academic achievements, sports performance, extracurricular involvement, entrepreneurial activities, etc. and they all come in different shapes and sizes but one thing is for sure – they all contribute to dreams coming true. 


Scholarships at Spark

Imagine a world where quality education and fulfilling our dreams are not limited by financial obstacles. 


At Spark School, we believe that every student with a Spark deserves the opportunity to thrive academically and reach their full potential. And that is why we are thrilled to announce our new scholarship programme


The campaign hopes to empower talented students to overcome financial obstacles and make their educational aspirations a reality. If you stick with us, we will delve into the importance of scholarships, how they change lives, and the incredible impact they can have on high school students.


The Importance of Scholarships 

Scholarships are a game-changer when it comes to the financial aspects of education. They help ease the burden of expenses for the family, which sometimes can translate into mental stress for every member. So they not only solve financial needs, but emotional needs as well. 


Picture this: You’re faced with the choice between two different schools, your local public school which is good – but does not focus on special skills or needs. Then there’s this very cool online high school with all the subjects you ever dreamt of – however, it’s a bit out of your financial reach.


But here’s the exciting part— that is where scholarships come in your favour and can help a decision like that become an easy one. Scholarships can bridge the gap and provide the much-needed financial assistance that makes your dream education within reach – and much more.


Now, let’s fast forward to what comes with getting a scholarship. Students who apply for a scholarship have usually shown a special interest in academics, sports, or other types of activities that can demonstrate their ability and drive to achieve a certain goal.


Besides the ambition and determination needed to apply for a scholarship, there is also the afterglow that comes with getting it. Students who get the scholarship usually sense a feeling of accomplishment and pride – this is most of the time, reflected in their future ambitions and self-confidence as well. Meaning, scholarships contribute to the mental well-being of students as well.


How Scholarships Can Change Lives 

Here we can talk about multiple scenarios. As we were mentioning before, a scholarship can be the key to studying that much-desired robotics subject that is not available at your local public school. 


It can also mean getting the chance to pursue both your dream life as a professional tennis player and your academic path – without these impacting one another in the meantime.


Or, it can be the key to relieving some of the stress and anxiety that comes with a financial investment in education. For some people, it might seem reasonable to invest in quality education for the future of their children, while for others, it might be impossible. 


We believe that the Spark Scholarships will be a chance for ambitious students – no matter their background – to trust their abilities and pursue their dreams. With these 10 scholarships, we want to contribute to 10 students receiving a quality education, with much attention to their dreams and aspirations – and lots of flexibility. The Spark way. 


The Story of Vlad Mesa

“Hello everyone, I’m Vlad Mesa, I’m currently 15 years old and I am a Year 11 student here at Spark. I’ve always been passionate about robotics and aerospace engineering for the past 5 years. 


I enjoy designing, building, and experimenting with my own STEAM projects. After all, the best way to learn is by doing, but I always struggled with managing both school and my projects, so this is where Spark came in.  


I’ve been building robots for the past 8 years. 


At first, I started with Lego Mindstorms which is a programmable Lego set that comes with motors, sensors and other electronic components and allows you to build a numerous number of projects. 


At around 9-10 years old I got bored with Lego Mindstorms as it was already too simple and not challenging enough, so that’s when I got my first Arduino development kit…


In the last 4 years since then, I designed, 3d printed, assembled, programmed and tested walking robots, cars, drones, planes and many more interesting projects from which I learned a lot about engineering, programming, 3d printing and piloting. Currently, I am building an open-source dynamic robot dog platform for schools and engineering enthusiasts. As you can imagine these types of projects are very important but require a lot of time, so here is where Spark helps me.


With Spark, I can manage my time in such a way that I pass all necessary exams with high grades while also having the necessary time for my projects. Since I’m in control of how I organize my tasks, I can make sure I don’t miss out on any important events. 


For example, because of Spark, I’ve been able to go practice flying RC planes in the morning or take a break from school for a few days to finish assembling my robot dog prototype.


My goal is to continue my education and learning in one of the best tech universities in Europe in the area of aerospace engineering. Spark makes sure that I pass all the necessary exams with flying colours and that I also have time for my extracurricular projects and activities that will also help me be accepted at an elite university. 


It does take a lot of responsibility to sit down and learn some hard or routine subject all by yourself, but if you understand the fact that you’re doing it for your own future then you shouldn’t have any difficulties. 


Spark is one of the few schools that actually prepares you for the real world, and helps you find a goal in life. I want to be a NASA aerospace engineer, what do you want to become?  


In conclusion, Spark is an amazing school for anyone that wants to learn and pursue their dreams. 


You will learn not only all you need to pass your exams but you’ll also learn how to learn, and how to follow your dream and succeed in life. They have some of the best people guiding you on your journey through high school, making sure you accomplish the best you can.”

Vlad Mesa – Year 11 student receiving a scholarship at Spark


So, what is your plan for achieving your wildest dreams? Vlad took control of his life by knowing exactly what he wants to study and what he loves to study – and that’s exactly what he is doing. 


You could also be pursuing your passion the same way, so don’t hesitate to apply for one of our scholarships until July 31!


Match Your Spark with Our Flexibility!


Scholarships at Spark FAQ 


  • What is the deadline for applying for a scholarship at Spark?

The deadline for submitting a scholarship application is July 31. Make sure to submit yours until then!


  • What are the required steps for submitting a scholarship application?

Fill in the registration form available on the website and provide proof of English language proficiency + a video where you talk about your Spark (dream, passion, ambition). Then, keep an eye on your inbox and consider dropping in for one of our Open Day events to meet us and learn more about Spark.


  • Who can apply for a Spark Scholarship?

Any student who has a Spark – a passion, a hobby, something they are very good at. We want to meet ambitious students who have big dreams and we want to help them fulfill them!