Now you can be your kid’s biggest supporter!

We know that as the parent of an athlete, there is constant pressure that makes you wonder whether or not you are making the right decisions when it comes to your kid’s future.

Take sports for example, the life of a sportsperson consists of a schedule full of training and tournaments, and often they have to choose between practising or learning.

With the help of our hybrid high school, students can now be involved in both academics and extracurricular activities or hobbies, without having to put anything on hold.

In the meantime, your life also becomes easier as you won’t need to make your kid choose between necessity and passion. 

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Does this sound like the ideal solution for your kid? If so, make sure you download our course catalogue to see what courses your kid could be studying!

But what about friends?

This is the question we often times get. Because we also care about students’ social lives and want them to stay connected with their peers, they become a member of an international community. Being in an international community helps students with developing their sense of cultural awareness and communication skills, and last but not least also sets them up with lifelong friends from different parts of the world.

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We’d LOVE to get your feedback or just have a chat about your kids’ future! If you think our school can spark up your kids’ future, make sure you book a call.