At ease, captain!

At ease, captain! There’s big business to discuss here! You were born to lead and empower people, build products and test global markets. Maybe you’re already working on that million-dollar idea. By now you’ve faced challenges others don’t even fathom. Welcome to entrepreneurship!

You make the call!

At Spark, you have the chance to learn the hard and the soft skills tailored to make you a rising star in Entrepreneurship & Business. You will study topics such as Business Studies, Economics, and Computer Sciences, as well as be in touch with relevant stakeholders in global communities.


Computer Sciences

Business Studies

Fully flexible timetable

We believe that having a healthy balance between school and personal life is one of the most crucial aspects that can contribute to overall individual success.

That is why our timetable is fully flexible, so you can have the means to focus your energy in all the areas that matter to you

One on one meetings with teachers and mentors

Good relationships are based on effective communication. Whenever you feel the need to express your concerns, or any type of feedback and thoughts, our teachers and mentors will be there for you to listen and advise accordingly, within the safe space of 1:1 meet-ups.

Student led clubs & hubs

Making sure the voices of our students are heard is primordial for us. So we provide them the proper environment to cultivate their leadership, independence and decision-making skills via clubs and hubs that are led and organised entirely by student members.

IGCSE Courses

Our courses include: Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Combined Science, Computer Science, Economics, English, French, Spanish, Geography, History, Maths, Physics

AS Courses

Our courses include: Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Geography, German, Maths, Media Studies, Psychology, Spanish

Still not convinced?

In doubt whether Spark is your ideal choice? For clarifications of any kind, our admissions team is at your disposal to provide you all the answers you might requier.

Terms and Conditions

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