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Apply for a Scholarship at Spark, and let’s turn those goals into achievements!

Pro Tip: Take a look at the Application Form & only begin filling it out once you have all the required attachments prepared.

How to apply

Step 1: Fill out the Application Form 📄

👉You need to Fill out the application form below with your personal information and a parent’s/legal guardian’s information. 


👉You can apply if you are a young student aged 13-19 who finished at least Year 9 


👉Whether enthusiastic about coding, art, sports, music, or something entirely out of the box, our flexible educational model welcomes students like you to apply!

Step 2: Record & Submit a Video “Motivational Letter” ✉️📹

👉Record & submit a video in English where you talk about your motivation to get the scholarship for up to 2 minutes).



👉Include this video in your Application Form from Step 1. You can either attach the file directly in the form or you can upload it to your Youtube Channel and share the link with us.


👉Keep in mind that this is a required step of the application process and if you do not submit a video your application will not be considered.

Step 3: Submit Proof of English Language Proficiency

👉You need to submit proof of English proficiency in your Application Form:


👉Minimum B2 level 


👉Validated through a certificate 


👉Or Transfer from another international school 


👉Or if none of the above apply to you, take an online English test with us available for an additional fee. If you need this, check the box in the form!

That’s it! That’s all you need to do in order to apply for a Scholarship at Spark!

Hurry Up! ⏰Applications Can be Submitted until the 30th of November!

Awarding a scholarship

  • 1 The scholarship covers between 30% and 100% of tuition for all four high school years, and the Scholarship Committee will determine the value.
  • 2 Scholarships are awarded for the entire High School (four years) with regular yearly re-evaluations to ensure both parties comply with the agreed terms and conditions.
  • 3 During the selection process, the Committee may require additional proof of particular circumstances or financial needs to make a final decision in choosing the winners.
  • 4 Scholars are expected to act as role models and ambassadors for Spark School and will be asked to interact with visitors and prospective families, special guests, mentors, supporters of the programme, etc.

What's next?

You can stay in touch with us on social media, read our blog or even better, sign up for our all year open Open day event which will be announced in November 🙂

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The deadline is closer than you’d imagine, and this is your chance to become part of a global community that values quality education.