Start an international education with a FREE English course

Hi, we are Spark. We are like no other high school. We believe in empowering students for a bright future, so get ready to embark on a hybrid adventure, as we are a Cambridge-accredited flexible high school offering a blended learning model to teenagers aged 13-19.


As we prepare to meet you at the upcoming Integral World Education Fairs in Zagreb, Ljubljana, and Belgrade, we have a special offer for you!

✨ Fill in the form below and get access to a Free English Course for your teenager – the first step towards an international education. 

Then, we can meet face-to-face about the educational model that offers your teenager flexibility to choose what, when, where and how to learn. 

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Join us at the booth and register for a prize draw that can secure a Spark SCOLARSHIP! 🎓

Look for our colleagues Alex and Raisa during the events and register for the prize draw. Stay tuned and follow our Instagram and Facebook pages ’cause you can be the lucky winner to receive the scholarship at the end of the day.

150€  | Access to our high-quality English course at no cost

Self-paced learning | 2-3 months of valuable learning, now free for your teenager

Unlock your teen’s learning | Fill in the form for immediate access and start a new learning path 

Flexible learning | The course is self-paced, and you will have access 24/7 on our platform

Development | This is the chance to improve English skills from home

Limited-time offer | Don’t miss out on this opportunity, and let’s continue discussing how Spark can suit your family’s needs during the Integral World Education Fairs.

Let's meet and you can get a Spark scholarship


🗓️October 13, 12-17 PM

📍Slon Hotel


🗓️ October 14, 10-16 PM

📍Dubrovnik Hotel


🗓️October 15, 11-18 PM

📍Hotel Metropol Palace