Clubs & Societies

We couldn’t keep it a secret anymore, although we tried really hard to. It is now official: Spark School is introducing Clubs and Societies for the first time, thus widening the variety of extracurricular activities students can participate in.

What's the difference between clubs and societies?

The difference between clubs and society is that the first offers the chance to talk about hobbies, share opinions, and socialise in a more relaxing atmosphere, while societies are for meeting experts, joining leadership positions and doing practical activities.

What are the available clubs and societies?


Book Club
Art, fashion, and craft Club
Board Games Club
Robotics, maths & physics Club
Minecraft Club 
Creative Writing Club
Language, travel and culture exchange Club
Baking/cooking Club
Social Media Influencing Club
Yoga Club
Mindfulness Club


Young IT engineers (gaming, software & coding)
Young Lawyers
Young Educators 
Young Engineers
Young entrepreneurs
Young people in sports
Music, film and composition
Drama & public speaking

Ready to advance your skill set?

We believe every students’ life should be half study and half fun. Spark creativity and passions, get to know international peers and have fun, all at the same time. Join today!