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Digital Media & Design

Summary of course content

In today’s digital age, creating and sharing content online has become a central part of how we communicate and connect with each other. Whether you’re interested in graphic design, video production, or social media marketing, having a strong foundation in digital media and design is essential for anyone looking to succeed in the modern workforce.

Students can develop

  • develop an awareness of the world of digital media and design and understand influencing factors and contexts
  • develop creative processes and understand that design is an iterative process
  • research and evaluate information relevant to their studies
  • reflect requirements and feedback from specific audiences and clients in developing their work
  • use digital media creatively as a way of expressing meaning
  • use knowledge, understanding and creativity to innovate using appropriate software, equipment, technology and practices
  • develop the skills needed for the study of digital media and design in higher education
  • prepare for working in a collaborative industry.
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