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Cambridge IGCSE Art & Design 0400

Summary of course content

This course aims to enable students to develop:

  • an ability to record from direct observation and personal experience
  • an ability to identify and solve problems in visual and/or other forms
  • creativity, visual awareness, critical and cultural understanding
  • an imaginative, creative and personal response
  • confidence, enthusiasm and a sense of achievement in the practice of art and design
  • growing independence in the refinement and development of ideas and personal outcomes
  • engagement and experimentation with a range of media, materials and techniques, including new media and technologies, where appropriate
  • experience of working in relevant frameworks and exploration of manipulative skills necessary to form, compose and communicate in two and/or three dimensions
  • a working vocabulary relevant to the subject and an interest in, and a critical awareness of, other practitioners, environments and cultures
  • investigative, analytical, experimental, interpretative, practical, technical and expressive skills which aid effective and independent learning.

The broad areas of study are:

  • Painting and related media
  • Print making
  • Three-dimensional design
  • Photography, digital and lens-based media
  • Graphic communication
  • Textiles and fashion=

How the course is assessed


– Component 1 consists of a portfolio and a final outcome


Externally Set Assignment
– Component 2 consists of supporting studies created during the preparation period and a final outcome produced during a supervised test of 8 hours’ total duration.

Guided Learning Hours

The course typically requires 130 hours of guided learning.
We design Cambridge IGCSE syllabuses based on learners having about 130 guided learning hours for each subject during the course, but this is for guidance only. The number of hours a learner needs to achieve the qualification may vary according to local practice and their previous subject experience.

Course code 0400

Any special requirements

Students will need to purchase the necessary art supplies and materials – exactly what is needed will vary from student to student and will depend on what project work they choose to do – they will have a discussion about this with their tutor at the appropriate time.

Required textbook

Cambridge IGCSE Art and Design Student’s Book, Garry Whitehead, ISBN 9780008453060
You can find the textbook here.