Scholarship for high school students practicing sports

Pave your way to a great future with a Spark International Hybrid High School scholarship. Scholarships are an amazing way to help you save for college and this scholarship, in particular, comes with nothing but advantages. 

You will learn in an international environment, have a global perspective, open the doors to any university in the world and have the best learning environment

You do not have to be the best, you do not have to be perfect, you do not have to have everything all figured out for your life.

We believe that sports have a big impact on a person’s wellbeing and we want to show our support for all students who follow their passions in sport and want to continue their education. 

We are offering 10 scholarships for each high school student who practices sports, such as tennis, horse riding, basketball, football, handball, volleyball, swimming, cycling or athletics. 

Skills we look for

What skills and life experiences make you a good candidate for a scholarship

Have a desire to learn


Passionate about something, anything


Have a good English language level



Ready for adventure


Embrace challenges

Growth mindset


Willing to develop the WHOLE person


Practice a sport that we support


Who can apply?

This is an excellent opportunity for high school students, including Grade 11 (Y12), who practice professional sports or follow a sport as a passion. 

This scholarship is internationally open. Make sure you read all the information and the requirements below to be eligible for the process.  

Application requirements

Scholarship Application Form 

Create a video about you and motivation to win a Spark scholarship ( up to 3 minutes)

Proof of English language competency ( minimum B1 level, take the test anywhere or take it in Spark)

Any proof of extracurricular activities that may illustrate your passion or talent

Recommendation letter from one of your sports coaches.

Submit your file at

Key Dates Steps



Submit your file at

The Admissions department will contact you for a virtual meeting between 5-10 days after the application submissions 

You will have an interview with the Head of the School and the Head of Admissions

The admissions department will announce the results of the interview

The winners will join Spark School anytime during the school year, according to their personal schedule.

Awarding a Scholarship

The scholarship covers between 30% and 100% of tuition for all four years of high school. The number and the value of the scholarships awarded will be determined by the Scholarship Committee. The Scholarships are awarded to candidates on the basis of excellence demonstrated through a competitive assessment process.

The scholarships are awarded by the Scholarship Committee after careful consideration of the student’s profile, academic performance, extracurricular activities and interests, as reflected in the student’s application file, personal and ethical values as reflected on their personal essay and during the interview, special circumstances.

The scholarships are awarded at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee. During the selection process, the committee may require additional proof of special circumstances, or financial need, in order to make a final decision in choosing the winners. This program does not discriminate based on race, culture, gender, sexual orientation, disability, socio-economic status, or other no merit factors.