Head of School’s Welcome Message

Head of School's Welcome Message

Dear community,

My name is Daniel Emmerson, and I am privileged to be part of this incredible community as Director of Spark School.

Education has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, though it has taken on various guises. I only thrived once I was given the autonomy to learn at my own pace and in an environment that I found most conducive to my needs. I know the feeling of failure before success, but I also know how great it feels when you have the opportunity to choose and fight for your dream.

Over the years, I learned to take on more responsibilities and develop stronger global ties. More than this, feedback has been crucial to the programs I coordinated and inclusively for my professional path. I have had to provide feedback to hundreds of students, teachers, and operational teams. I traveled a lot; I was involved in establishing and developing relationships and projects essential to my career. Still, it has never just been about the destination.

Connecting young people and providing them with an environment to develop outside of their mandatory curriculums at school is vital for the next generation. That’s why I am more than grateful to welcome today your decision to offer your child more than education but friendships and trust.

At Spark, we see your child’s education as a path to personal development. We are committed to each student’s growth. The Spark team has expertise in co-curricular support and strong academic performance, and I am grateful to lead a team that supports child’s development as a whole. We are keen to work with you in being an active part of your child’s education. At Spark, we share a strong connection between students, parents, and school representatives. When students achieve something they never thought possible, they prioritize their future and understand their inner power. Together we can help your child achieve their goals. Together we build a global community. Ultimately, I would like to congratulate you on choosing a global environment that allows nurturing your passions and develops necessary international skills while focusing on academic success! There are many opportunities within the education sector as it exists today. It will be my pleasure to assist in developing your child’s academic and professional skills in the future.


To great achievements,

Daniel Emmerson